“Boost Your Social Media Marketing: 6 Top-Performing Instagram Tools for Marketers”

5 Instagram Tools for Social Media Marketers

Instagram has become an essential platform for social media marketers seeking to maximize their brand’s online presence. With over 500 million monthly active users and a 75% engagement rate for branded content, Instagram is a vital tool for businesses looking to increase their online visibility. Here are five Instagram tools that can help take your marketing to the next level.


Iconosquare is a powerful Instagram analytics tool that helps you track essential metrics about your account. By identifying the kind of content that generates the most engagement from your followers, you can tailor your future posts to suit their preferences. This feature saves you time and money in creating Instagram posts.

Visual reports and gained & lost followers view show you how your account is performing, allowing you to skip the number-crunching and focus on results. The tool automatically suggests the best time to post based on the performance of your previous uploads.


Minter.io is another Instagram analytics tool, and one of the best alternatives to Iconosquare. It offers in-depth data, including your audience engagement rate, hashtag popularity, and the best times to post content.

Use the Engagement tab to measure the total number of posts, likes, and comments your account receives over time. To obtain actionable insights on your posting strategy, go to the Optimization tab.


Instagram is perfect for leveraging user-generated content to reach a broader audience. By encouraging users to post about your brand, you can leverage their social reach to raise brand awareness and win the trust of other prospective followers. Wishpond can help you achieve all of this through its Instagram hashtag contest feature.

Use the tool to run sweepstakes, photo caption contests, Pinterest contests, and referral programs across different networks. Diversifying your social media contest strategy helps you maximize your online reach and supercharge the creation of UGC for your brand.


One of the keys to maximizing social media engagement is providing content that resonates with your audience. To stay informed about what’s trending in your industry and keep up with the latest content trends, use a lightweight hashtag search engine like Endoyin. The tool helps you identify popular hashtags and top users in your areas of interest.

Endoyin also enables you to create and launch your own hashtag contest without spending money on a platform like Wishpond. However, hosting a hashtag contest independently requires planning, promotion, and mechanics design.

PicPlayPost and VidStitch

Instagram thrives on visual content that captures the attention of its online audience. Besides using filters on your photos, you can use tools like PicPlayPost and VidStitch to step up your storytelling game.

Both tools allow you to create multimedia collages containing video clips, GIFs, images, and music. While other tools can help you create multimedia collages, PicPlayPost, and VidStitch offer direct integration with your Instagram account.

In conclusion, leveraging Instagram to the fullest can significantly benefit your business’s online presence. Using these five Instagram tools can save time, effort, and resources while providing accurate insights on how to attract and engage your audience better.

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