“Boost Your Reading Mojo with These 8 Simple Tips”

8 Tips to Rediscover the Magic of Reading


The Decrease in Reading

Despite many options available to us to spend our time, the act of reading has been neglected in today’s world. With the abundance of digital distractions, people have forgotten the simple pleasure of reading a good book. However, it is still possible to rekindle lost love for books. Here are eight helpful tips to help you rediscover the magic of reading.

Tip 1: One Book at A Time

Reading several books at once is not only intimidating; it also makes it harder to focus on one story. Therefore, it is better to focus on one book at a time. If you do not enjoy a book you have started, there is no shame in putting it down and picking up another book that holds your interest.

Tip 2: Log Off & Schedule Reading Time

If you find yourself procrastinating too much, then you are likely spending too much time online. You may find it more helpful to schedule reading time in your calendar so you can hold yourself accountable. Setting aside a predetermined time for reading can help eliminate distractions that may be keeping you from picking up that book.

Tip 3: Revisit the Classics

Sometimes, the best way to reignite a lost love for books is to revisit those that started it all. Recalling why you started reading in the first place can often remind you of the magic that books hold. Take the time to read an old favorite, even if that means going back to a book you loved as a child.

Tip 4: Hang Out in a Bookstore

Sometimes it helps to be surrounded by books to help reignite our love for reading. Visit a bookstore, grab a coffee, and spend some time wandering around the shelves. You could even chat with bookstore employees about what they are currently reading. Being surrounded by books often reminds us of the excitement that comes with exploring new stories.

Tip 5: Find a Friend

Reading is typically a solo activity, but sometimes having a companion can make all the difference. Team up with a friend and read a book together. You could even start a mini-book club, where you both read a chapter a day and then meet up to discuss the book. Reading to each other can also be an excellent way to share the experience with someone else.

Tip 6: See It & Then Read It

If watching a movie is more your style, then this tip is for you. Dymocks, the leading Australian bookseller, suggests that watching a movie and then reading the book to compare storylines and details can be an excellent way to cure a reading slump. Lucky for us, 2016 had many book-to-movie adaptations that can serve as an inspiration for those that need a push to read more.

Tip 7: Listen Up

If you find yourself struggling to read but still missing the world of books, try audio readers. Most authors have audio versions of their work available, and it is an excellent way to experience literature in an alternative format. Audio readers can be a perfect alternative when you need a break from conventional reading.

Tip 8: Genre Hop

Sometimes getting stuck in a particular genre can lead to staleness in reading. If you find yourself losing enthusiasm for reading, try branching out to a different genre. Believe it or not, there is a world of literature outside of what you usually read. Ask friends and family for recommendations, and you may find yourself exploring new and exciting stories that you never knew existed.


Rediscovering the love for reading takes time and effort, but it’s worth it. These tips are just a few ways to help you get back into the habit of reading. Try implementing a couple of these tricks at a time and see what works best for you. Remember, the reading slump is temporary, and with patience and determination, you can return to that wonderful world of books.

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