“Boost Your Productivity with These Top 6 URL Shorteners”

The Importance of URL Shrinkers: Best Tools to Use

In today’s rapidly evolving digital world, online users are always on the lookout for ways to simplify their browsing experience. Long URLs have become a hassle as they take up precious character space on social media platforms such as Twitter, and some websites generate URLs that are longer than a standard paragraph. The solution? URL shrinkers. These tools are designed to shorten complicated URLs to concise links to streamline your online presence. In this article, we will explore the top six URL shrinkers and their features.

1. Cli.gs
Cli.gs is an efficient URL shrinker that offers 20 characters per URL, making it one of the more powerful tools on this list. Additionally, it has an inbuilt click tracking feature, where you can see the number of people who’ve clicked on the link generated. It is also important to note that you don’t need to create an account to check the analytics. You only need the original link, and you will be able to see how many times it’s been clicked and the websites the clicks came from.

2. Goo.gl
Developed by Google, Goo.gl is perfect for users with active Google accounts. This URL shortener provides various analytical data, just like Cli.gs, minus the need to create an account. However, you must have a Google account to keep track of the analytic data. Once you move away from the site, you won’t be able to manage the account without logging in. On top of the analytics feature, it also keeps a detailed history of all the links created for future reference. The links generated on this platform are 20 characters long.

3. Bitly
One of the original URL shrinkers, Bitly, is known worldwide, making it one of the more recognizable platforms on this list. The tool is most effective when you create an account. With standard 20-character links and available analytics, it is one of the more efficient and effective URL shrinkers. Additionally, it has browser extensions, which can be convenient depending on a user’s needs.

4. Is.Gd
Although not as popular as Bitly or Googl, Is.Gd has a distinct feature that the other tools on this list lack. The URL links generated by this platform are only 14 characters long, making it the shortest one on this list. However, you would miss out on extras such as analytics and browser extensions available on other platforms. If you’re looking for something simple, short, and straightforward, Is.Gd is your go-to.

5. TinyURL
Like Bitly, TinyURL is another popular URL shrinker that has been in operation for a long time. It is known worldwide, making its links more credible and trustworthy. The downside to this platform is that the link generated is relatively longer, 25 characters. However, the platform provides users with the ability to preview their links before sharing, adding an extra level of security.

6. SnipURL
SnipURL is one of the lesser-known URL shrinkers, with links that are 24 characters long. However, it has a unique feature that sets it apart from the rest. After creating a link, you can edit it on the platform without needing to recreate the entire URL. This is an essential feature that can save time if you’ve made a mistake while creating the original link.

In conclusion, the bottom line is that you should choose the URL shrinker that suits your needs best. Depending on the platforms, bloggers might require click metrics to track their shared links or prefer links with the smallest number of characters, while others might need the ability to edit links after creation. The options are many, and all the above platforms can perform the necessary tasks to enhance your online experience.

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