“Boost Your Productivity with These 20 High-Efficiency Apps!”

Apps can Represent Much More than a Fun Game or Distraction: 20 Must-Have Productivity Apps

Apps are no longer limited to games or social media, as they are now serving a variety of purposes. In this article, we will delve into 20 productivity apps that can help us be more organized, accessible, and efficient.

1. Microsoft Office

The Microsoft Office app names such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are commonly associated with desktop PCs, but they can be installed on mobile devices as well. This app enables you to create, edit, and share the same documents and spreadsheets across various platforms.

2. Group Messaging

This app is particularly helpful for those busy periods when you don’t have time to contact people one-by-one. Instead, you can save time by using this app to contact a group of people simultaneously.

3. Scheduling

This scheduling app becomes useful in tracking and organizing employee schedules, staffing needs, and time sheets. It allows efficient energy management and regaining focus on managing customers and bottom line instead of being busy with administrative work.

4. Banking

Chase bank provides its customers with an app that allows them to do their banking from their phones. This app can be used to complete all banking-related tasks such as paying bills, transferring money, checking balances, and depositing checks.

5. One-Stop-Shop

This app pulls together your calendar, tasks, notes, and contact information into a one-stop-shop. It eliminates the need for flipping through multiple apps to perform various functions.

6. Asana

Asana is a task list on steroids. It enables your team to work together and keep everyone on the same page without experiencing email overload. The app users suggest that it can be improved by including functions such as swipe gestures that delete and assign tasks.

7. Trello

Trello is excellent for project management, as it visually displays next steps through comment cards, checklists, uploaded files, and more. Instead of laboriously reading long blocks of text within emails, this app offers a way for the team to collaborate online without confusion.

8. Gmail

This app is a useful and convenient tool for checking Gmail from your phone. It pushes spam aside and promotes the most urgent emails to the top.

9. Password Keeper

This app ensures you don’t have to remember all the passwords for your daily life, such as logins, passwords, credit card information, etc. It securely stores them in one place.

10. Voxer

This app is a digital-age version of walkie-talkies, where text, voice, and photo messages are saved, making it easier to keep records instead of having to repeat long communications.

11. Google Voice

Google Voice offers free texting within the United States and relatively low-rate international calls, which makes it less necessary to use a cell phone or Skype.

12. Grocery List

This app is excellent for creating, editing, and sharing grocery lists with family and friends.

13. MEGA

This app allows users to access and stream their files from their smartphone from anywhere, granting them the convenience of ‘cloud in their pocket’.

14. Launcher by Cromulent Labs

This app makes it easier to access frequently-used apps in the notification center without going through every home screen.

15. Printer Pro

Printing a document or photo from a phone or tablet is difficult, but this app makes it possible.

16. MyScript Calculator

This app will perform mathematical calculations based on your handwriting, whether it is simple or complex.

17. Cozi

Cozi is an efficient tool for organizing your family’s lifestyle in one place, tracking schedules, and splitting chores between family members.

18. Google Slides

Google slides can create presentations, share PowerPoint files, and deliver them using a phone or tablet without using Wi-Fi.

19. Prezi

Prezi is a stunning presentation tool that can be used on smartphones and tablets for live presentations, syncing across various devices.

20. Evernote

Evernote can save notes, recordings, images, etc. and tag and organize them with color-coded signals, which can be shared via email or downloaded for backup.

In conclusion, these 20 productivity apps allow people to better manage their work and personal lives by bringing together tasks and functions they would otherwise have to complete through multiple apps or devices. From banking and scheduling to creating and sharing documents and presentations, these apps have something to offer almost everyone and can save time and effort, allowing people to be more productive.

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