“Boost Your Productivity: 5 Habits to Maintain During March Madness”

How to Stay Productive During March Madness

March Madness, the annual college basketball tournament that takes place in the United States, is known to be a productivity killer. It is estimated that over $6 billion is lost in productivity during the tournament. However, you do not have to let March Madness derail your work. Here are some tips for staying productive during this exciting time of the year.

DVR Your Team’s Game and Watch Later

If you are a hardcore fan, you may want to know what is happening when it is happening, but if you can wait, DVR the game and watch it later. This will help you avoid distractions and allow you to focus on your work during the day. Plus, if you are worried about spoilers, you can declare a social media blackout until you watch the game.

Listen to the Game on Your Smartphone

If you cannot wait to watch the game later, you can listen to the game on your smartphone. Use an app like TuneIn Radio Pro to find a radio station that broadcasts the game. This way, you can pause live radio to attend a meeting or take a phone call and pick up the action right where you left off. Plan your mundane tasks for the time you will be listening to the game to avoid distraction.

Use Bracket Predicting as Staff Development

If you are a supervisor, consider using the practice of filling out brackets as a staff development tool. People are going to fill out their brackets at work anyway, so why not turn it into a fun activity? Schedule a time for your staff to get together and fill out their brackets. Offer fun prizes for the people who were the best and the people who were the worst. Allowing your staff a little time to breathe is a good thing for both office morale and your bottom line.

Give Yourself Mini Breaks and Check in via Social Media

Everyone needs a break every once in a while to regroup and recharge their batteries before working again. Consider giving yourself mini breaks to check in on how the game is going via social media. As long as they are not excessive and do not hinder your work in any way, it should be fine.

Go to Lunch During the Game

Plan your lunch break during the game, if the time of the game and your time zone allows. Everyone should be taking a lunch break anyway, so why not use it to watch your team? If it is feasible, go home and watch the game at home for a while to give yourself the break you deserve. If you cannot make it home, at least go somewhere other than your workspace to watch or listen to the game. If your team is local, consider going to a sports bar that might have the game for some like-minded human interaction.


March Madness should not be a productivity killer. With these tips, you can remain productive and still enjoy the tournament. Instead of letting the excitement of the tournament distract you, use it as an opportunity to take breaks, engage with your colleagues, and boost morale in the office. Remember, it is all about balance. So, go ahead and root for your team during March Madness, but do not let it get in the way of your work.

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