“Boost Your Morning Routine: 12 Surprising Habits of Highly Successful People”

The Importance of the “Golden Hour” for Success

Successful people often talk about the “Golden Hour,” which is the first hour after waking up in the morning. According to the National Institutes of Health, our brains are hard at work during sleep, decluttering and detoxifying themselves. This means that our brains are at their best right after waking up, when they’re in their most refreshed state.

Successful people have discovered that the “Golden Hour” is the best time of day to prepare ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually for the upcoming day. So, what do successful people do during this hour?

The 21-Day Mental Diet

Technically, not everyone is “successful” yet, but by following the practices of successful people, we can develop traits that will help us become successful in the long run. One such practice is known as the “21-Day Mental Diet” by Brian Tracy.

The diet consists of several practices that successful people do before breakfast. They include:

1. Wake up early – Most successful people get up at 6:00 AM (at the latest). You can start by waking up at 5:00 AM or earlier.

2. Exercise – It’s important to do physical exercise before mental exercise, even if you have to do it later in the day.

3. Read motivational or educational material for 30-60 minutes – This will help get your mind and spirit soaring for the day.

4. Write down your top 10-15 life goals – There is tremendous power in the act of physically writing your goals down.

5. Write down everything you need to do that day – Prioritize your tasks starting with the most important one.

6. Begin working on the biggest, most important task of the day – This will help you clear your mind and focus on what’s important.

Throughout the day, it’s essential to listen to educational audio programs while driving and pick up the pace between activities. These practices will help keep your mind active and engaged.

Other Things That Successful People Do Before Breakfast

In addition to the 21-Day Mental Diet, there are other practices that successful people do before breakfast.

7. Write down things they’re grateful for – It’s important to cultivate a sense of gratitude to maintain a positive mindset.

8. Meditate – This practice can help calm your mind and clear your thoughts.

9. Work on a personal passion project – It’s important to make time for things you love and find fulfilling.

10. Spend quality time with family or connect with spouses – Prioritizing quality time with loved ones can help create a sense of balance and purpose in life.

11. Network with coworkers, clients, or friends over coffee – Early morning meetings tend to be more productive as everyone’s minds are clearer.

12. Read the news – Being informed about the problems in the world can help us find ways to solve them.


The “Golden Hour” is a crucial time of the day, and by following the practices of successful people, we can start our day off on the right foot. By making small changes to our habits, like waking up earlier or dedicating time for personal projects, we can increase our chances of success.

Remember, success isn’t an overnight achievement. It’s a result of consistently following good habits and making small improvements every day. By utilizing the “Golden Hour,” we can set ourselves up for success and achieve our goals.