“Boost Your Mood: 22 Simple Things Guaranteed to Make You Smile”

When you’re feeling down, it can be difficult to shift your mood. Whether you’re stressed at work, experiencing personal issues, or just stuck in a rut, simple pick-me-ups can make all the difference. Focusing on positive experiences and happy stories can help to ease negativity from your mind. In this article, we explore 22 of the most heartwarming, smile-worthy topics that will help you lift yourself back up when you’re feeling down.

1. Anjana the Chimpanzee Raises Tiger Cubs

At the Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species (TIGERS) in South Carolina, a two-year-old chimpanzee named Anjana is inseparable from her human caretakers. Anjana has learned how to care for others and has acted as surrogate mother for two white tiger cubs. Her selfless love is enough to brighten anyone’s day.

2. Genius Artist Brings Laughter to All

Never underestimate the power of laughter when you’re feeling down. This genius artist brings humor and joy to everyone who sees his work.

3. COMACO Helps People and Animals

Conservationists at Community Markets for Conservation (COMACO) in Zambia initially struggled to fight poaching. However, they soon realized that the villagers they were trying to protect were deeply struggling with poverty. The organization adapted its approach and provided training in other industries, mainly farming, to over 650 poachers. This has increased employment and income for villagers while decreasing the number of endangered animals slaughtered for their meat.

4. This Guy’s Jig

A little dance can sometimes be the best way to shake off negative feelings. This guy’s endless Matrix ollie is one of the better internet edits, with his smug head nod making it even more entertaining.

5. This Dog’s Jig

If you need some cheer, watching this dog’s infectious jig is sure to get you smiling.

6. Pig Adopts Tiger Cubs

At the Chimelong Xiangjiang Safari Park in China, a pig adopted three tiger cubs after their biological mother abandoned them. Seeing these unlikely siblings snuggled up together provides an instant mood lift.

7. Stylish Matrix Moves

This guy’s impressive Matrix ollie is matched only by his smooth style.

8. Neighbors Really Do Care

In Chesterfield, Virginia, a community rallied together after a local pizza delivery person was robbed at gunpoint. Neighbors pitched in and ordered a pizza, giving the delivery person a mega tip to help ease the loss.

9. Little Miracles Happen Every Day

Nine-year-old Galaxy Kong from San Francisco is a hero after she remembered a crucial rule during a house fire: block the bottom of the door with a towel. This simple action saved the lives of both Galaxy and her dad.

10. You’ve Never Been Pranked Like This

If you need a quick laugh, watching these hilarious pranks is sure to do the trick.

11. Internet on the Moon

Not only is it now possible to get internet on the moon via a giant laser, this innovative technology is useful for improvements in weather monitoring and wildfire data.

12. 333 People in a Row Pay it Forward

At a Florida Starbucks, 333 customers in a row paid for the coffee of the person behind them. The chain of generosity continued for nine hours—proof that acts of kindness abound.

13. The World’s Smoothest Goat

Sometimes, a little laughter is all you need to shake off negative feelings. This goat’s hilarious antics are sure to bring you joy.

14. #JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemies

Despite conflicts in the Middle East, Jews and Arabs worldwide took to Twitter to express their love for each other using the hashtag #JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemies. Seeing people come together during troubling times is a powerful reminder of the good in the world.

15. Sometimes, Timing is Perfect

No matter how down you may feel, remember that the future may hold positive surprises in store.

16. Sometimes, Everything Works Out

This minor league baseball player’s dad caught his first home run. What were the odds the ball would be on his side of the field? This is proof that incredible things do happen.

17. Sometimes, the Stars Do Align

Lucky breaks do happen, and sometimes they’re just what you need to lift your spirits.

18. Karma Can Come For the Jerks in Life

When feeling down due to the actions of others, remember that what goes around, comes around.

19. Hard Work Pays off for Formerly Homeless Valedictorian

If you’re facing challenges feeling insurmountable, remember that overcoming those challenges is possible. A Florida high school student recently graduated top of his class despite being homeless and experienced personal tragedy. With the help of online fundraising efforts, he gained enough to attend college debt-free.

20. Selfless People Still Exist

Even when it feels like negativity is all around, remember that kind-hearted people are still making the world go round.

21. Selfless Cities Still Exist

Last year in San Francisco, tens of thousands of people helped to make a cancer patient’s wish come true. With the help of Batman, the little tyke rescued the city several times over as Batkid. Police, local sports teams, and citizens all got involved to help make this amazing experience happen.

22. The Beauty of Unconditional Love

When everything else tumbles around us, the beauty of unconditional love shines through. No matter how down we may feel, it’s the small moments of laughter and love that can turn a day around.

In summary, when you’re feeling down, it’s important to remember the good things in life. Kind-hearted people can be found in every corner of the world, and their selflessness and love can help you to shift your mood. Focusing on positive experiences, happy stories, and the beauty of humanity can provide the pick-me-up needed to change your mindset and move forward.

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