Boost Your Mood: 15 Proven Scientific Methods to Brighten Your Day

It’s Always Useful to Know How to Cheer Up: 15 Techniques to Boost Your Mood and Wellbeing

As we get older, we tend to become more stressed out. The reasons for feeling low can be numerous and range from midlife crises to anxiety, overthinking, and work-related pressures. However, too much negativity is not good for our wellbeing. That’s why it’s essential to know how to cheer up using the following techniques:

1. Take Some Time Off
If your job is causing significant stress, it’s crucial to take some time off or ask for sick leave. Your brain needs time to heal and recover. Your stress neurotransmitters will benefit from a break, allowing your brain to rejuvenate. By nurturing your brain, you’ll be more productive and feel less pressured.

2. Start to Exercise
Exercising regularly will have a direct impact on your mood and energy levels. It’s good for your health, and being in shape will give you more confidence. You’ll feel less mentally exhausted and be more inclined to maintain a healthy, positive attitude.

3. Get Up and Start Cleaning
Maintaining good hygiene in your home is a healthy habit. When everything is in order and neatly organized, you get a sense of achievement that will always cheer you up. Additionally, if your living space is well-ventilated, your home will smell nice, and the fresh air will improve your mood.

4. Get a Little Shut-Eye
Lack of sleep is a major source of unhappiness. When we’re constantly awake and thinking about problems, our stress neurotransmitters are more active. During sleep, their activity is significantly reduced, allowing us to heal. They say that when you can’t make the right decision, you should sleep on it.

5. Plan Your Vacation
Planning and anticipating a vacation can positively affect your happiness, as demonstrated by a study published in the journal Applied Research in Quality of Life. Daydreaming about the various destinations you’ll visit will help boost your mood for eight weeks.

6. Spend Time with Your Friends
Reminiscing about all the good times you’ve spent with friends is a great way of cheering yourself up. Surround yourself with friends who remind you of the positive aspects of your life. The Babemba tribe in Africa has a custom where members gather around someone who has done wrong and share stories about all the good the person has done. It’s a reminder to get the person back on the right path, focusing on the positive rather than the negative.

7. Move Closer to Work
Commuting to work can negatively impact your mood. You’ll be wasting precious time on the road, which is why it’s ideal to move closer to work if possible. If you can’t physically move closer, try to organize your day to avoid congested periods and take the scenic routes.

8. Become Generous
Generosity is an excellent way of feeling good about yourself. By making positive impacts, you’re doing it because you want to—not because someone made you do it. Giving money or lending a helping hand to a good cause can help improve your mental state if you’re feeling guilty about something.

9. Adopt a Dog
Dogs are the most loyal of friends. They will never judge or argue with you and are always happy to see you. They’re great for companionship, and with a dog by your side, you’ll never be lonely. However, if you’re allergic to fur, it’s best to steer clear of this option.

10. Accomplish Tasks
Filling yourself with a sense of achievement is a great way of cheering up. Analyze your situation to see what minor improvements you can make in your life. These small positive tasks will motivate you to focus on the good, and you’ll feel rewarded every time you cross something off the list.

11. Try Writing
Writing is a good way to channel your negative feelings. Keep a journal or start writing a novel, and who knows? It may turn out to be a good story, and you may even develop a liking for writing.

12. Undergo Self-Hypnosis
Self-hypnosis is a therapeutic tool that can help uncover subconscious events that may have triggered your bad mood. You can give yourself constructive suggestions on how to be happier.

13. Seek Catharsis
Physical activity, reading a book, watching a movie, watching a sports game and shouting at your team if they are playing badly or cheering them on as they triumph — all have positive effects on your mood. A video game can also be helpful if you’re feeling sad or harbouring some built-up rage.

14. Watch Something That Soothes You
Scientists believe that looking at the color blue has positive effects on your mind. Looking at fine art, old pictures of happy events or funny pictures and memes on the internet can also be helpful.

15. Work on Your Looks
Boost your confidence by sprucing up your looks and style. However, avoid going on a shopping rampage, as spending too much money could nullify the positive effects.

In conclusion, finding ways to cheer yourself up is crucial for our health and wellbeing. Give some of these methods a try the next time you’re feeling low, and you’re sure to feel a positive difference.

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