“Boost Your Health in 2017: Try These 3 Surprising and Enjoyable Methods”

Creative ways to stay fit in 2017 – The New Year’s resolution you can keep

If you, like thousands of other people, are looking to get fit and healthy in 2017, you might want to consider some creative and exciting ways that will not involve going to the gym. We all know that losing weight is the top New Year’s resolution that people make but sadly, 80% of people fail to accomplish their goals. So, let’s explore some unique hobbies that will not only make you break a sweat but will also be fun and invigorating.

1. Mountain climbing

You might be thinking that mountain climbing is way too extreme for you. But, did you know that beginners can start small and work their way up to larger peaks? It’s not too hard to get into mountain climbing if you follow a few basic tips. First, you need to invest in the proper mountain climbing gear, which starts with a reliable helmet. Falling debris and rocks can be a constant danger, so it’s important to protect your head.

Next, be sure to get a good set of climbing shoes that are tailored to the type of terrain you’ll be climbing. Some mountains require more flexibility while others require spikes. It’s essential to choose shoes that are breathable to prevent your feet from overheating and being damaged by sweat. You’ll also need a comfortable and flexible harness that will provide a point for attaching belay and safety lines.

Finally, your backpack will serve as the centerpiece of your mountain climbing gear. Always choose the appropriate backpack based on how long you plan to be on the mountain, what gear you will be carrying, and how much weight you can safely carry. Backpacks with multiple storage pouches provide easy access to frequently used items.

2. Stand up paddle boarding

Did you know that stand-up paddle boarding or SUP is the fastest growing sport in the world? In 2014, over 2.8 million Americans participated in this water sport. All you need to get started is a board, a paddle, and a personal flotation device.

You have the option of paddling in the lake, river, or ocean depending on your level of experience. Lakes are ideal for first-timers, and you can paddle near the shore or dock to get the hang of it. Rivers are more challenging, and you’ll have to maneuver around rocks, sticks, rapids, and maintain your balance against the current at all times. The ocean is the most advanced course for SUP, where you’ll be challenged by larger ships, surfers and swimmers, and of course, the waves.

SUP is not only a great workout but it also allows you to quietly approach wildlife, and enjoy the scenic surroundings.

3. Paintballing

If you’re looking for a fun and exciting game that will make you run and sweat, then paintballing is the perfect hobby for you. The object of the game is simple, shoot paintballs with compressed air guns at correct angles to strike the other players present on the ground.

Paintballing requires concentration, skill, and thrill. So, it’s no surprise that you won’t even realize that you’re running and sweating because of the fun factor. You’ll need to layer up on clothing and drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.

By the end of your paintballing experience, you’ll be exhausted but fulfilled with the amusement of the whole adventure.

In conclusion, these are just three of the many activities to choose from if you want to stay fit and healthy in 2017. The key is to choose something that you enjoy and can commit to regularly. Getting in shape can be fun if you focus on activities that involve a steady amount of movement and exertion on your body. So, don’t force yourself to hit the gym if you hate it because with these hobbies, getting fit feels like anything but a chore.

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