“Boost Your Freelance Success: 5 Essential Tips I’ve Discovered”

The Rise of Freelancing in the Job Market

The job market is becoming saturated with graduate degree holders, leading many job seekers to search for alternative ways to market their skills and earn an income. Freelancing has become increasingly popular due to its DIY flexibility that allows individuals to pursue a variety of creative endeavors. However, diving into freelance work can be challenging, especially for those with backgrounds in humanities or academia.

As someone who has made the transition into freelancing, I have learned several valuable tips that anyone considering this profession should consider. In this article, we will explore five essential tips for successful freelancing.

1. Know your skill set

Before embarking on your new career path, take the time to assess your skill set and make a list of your abilities. Determine how you can market your writing, teaching, research, or any other relevant background in a broader field.

It is crucial to understand what you have to offer before you can begin to sell your services. Take a moment to reflect on your experiences and training, and think about how they can be applied in a freelance setting. Freelance work is all about using your strengths to meet the needs of your clients.

2. Conduct interviews

As an academic, my impulse response to starting something new is to do thorough research and gather as much information as possible. To that end, find someone in your chosen field and sit down with them for an interview.

Ask about the nuances of self-employment, from setting up a website, to marketing, to bookkeeping. You may be surprised by the number of questions you have once you begin to ask. Guidance from seasoned freelancers can help build a foundation of skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the field.

3. Know what you’re worth

To sell your skills appropriately, it is essential to understand their value in the market. Research how much other freelancers are charging for similar services to ensure you are giving clients a fair price. Knowing what you’re worth will prevent you from shortchanging yourself and will help build your self-confidence.

There are also associations and organizations dedicated to freelance workers that can provide resources on appropriate rates and support in negotiating contracts. For example, the Editorial Freelancers Association and the National Writers Union can provide valuable insights on freelance payment and other relevant topics.

4. Pro Bono=no-no

Volunteering your time to a good cause demonstrates admirable character traits; however, you must set boundaries. Never overextend yourself, especially to the point where other areas of life begin to suffer. Find a cause that values your talents and expertise but does not monopolize them.

Freelancers need to be especially careful about giving away too much of their time. Although volunteer work can be rewarding, freelancers must ensure that they respect their work-life balance and devote time to their paid work.

5. Set Boundaries

Boundaries are vital in freelancing. It is easy to become consumed with work and lose sight of the rest of life. Freelancers’ schedules fluctuate, and work in evenings, weekends, or late nights is not uncommon.

However, boundaries must be set, and limitations must be respected. Determine dedicated times to work on specific projects, and stick to them. Freelancers must remember that, although clients pay them for their skills, they do not own them.


Freelancing provides an alternative career path for those struggling to find salaried, full-time employment. The freedom to pursue creative endeavors and the flexibility to work from anywhere on your own schedule is a great perk of freelancing. However, maintaining a successful freelance career requires clear communication, intentional organization, and a sense of self-worth. The five tips outlined in this article provide an excellent starting point for anyone considering the world of freelancing.

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