“Boost Your Company’s Success Today with These 8 Types of Toxic Employees You Need to Know and How to Tackle Them”

8 Behaviors of Toxic Employees and How to Tackle Them

Toxic employees can drain the energy out of any organization and cost a considerable amount of money without contributing to its growth. Unfortunately, identifying toxic employees in the beginning can be challenging as they usually show their true colors only after spending some time with the company. In this article, we will explore eight behaviors of toxic employees and how to tackle them to keep a check on potential threats.

1. One-Man Show Attitude

Toxic employees often appear as hardworking individuals who devote a lot of time to the company’s growth. However, their one-man show attitude can cause disruption and demotivation among coworkers. They often believe that they know everything and do not value group work, which can lead to interference with their colleagues’ projects.

To tackle these employees, provide them with paid breaks, and introduce stress-busting measures to reduce their excessive workload. Additionally, start giving more incentives to encourage team effort and cooperation.

2. Creative Monsters

Toxic employees don’t like to take on work and would instead find creative ways to avoid it. They often assign themselves to multiple teams but don’t contribute anything substantial to the company’s growth. During salary reviews, they are usually the first to highlight their fake achievements.

To tackle these employees, give them individual jobs with specific deadlines. Highlight their solo efforts and reward them for their dedicated output.

3. Procrastinators

Toxic employees believe in the “I’ll do it tomorrow” approach and waste precious work hours. They do not pay attention to deadlines, and their absenteeism often places them on the top ten list.

To tackle these lazy creatures, schedule surprise visits and reviews to keep them accountable. Provide them with authoritative work to motivate them to take their tasks seriously.

4. Emotional Manipulators

Toxic employees often try to manipulate others by mixing their personal life with their professional life. They often create emotional scenes to gain sympathy and tackle their work avoidance. They are hungry for attention and want to be patted consolingly on their shoulder.

To avoid these emotional manipulators, don’t connect family matters with official matters. Be cautious of granting them leave unless it’s genuinely necessary. Keep a watchful eye on their activities to determine their true intentions.

5. Negativity Spreading

Toxic employees love spreading rumors about the company and colleagues, causing mistrust and negativity in the workplace. They waste time gossiping instead of focusing on their work, spreading dullness throughout the workforce.

To tackle these individuals, address them directly and understand the reasons behind their negative attitudes. Encourage positivity by sharing stories of productive employees and those with innovative ideas.

6. Authority Resisters

Toxic employees form secret groups with their fellow co-workers and often use them to fulfill their selfish motives. They are rebellious and disrupt the seamless functioning of the workplace. They test the patience of the authorities and often leave the group when strict action is taken against them.

To tackle such individuals, hold a meeting with the other group members and explain the selfish intentions of the toxic employees. Remind them that these individuals are nothing without the group’s support and encourage them to rid themselves of their negative influence.

7. Virtual Shopaholics

Toxic employees often care more about their own shopping than the company’s growth. They fill their shopping carts and finalize transactions from their office desks, often using the office address for product pickup.

To tackle these individuals, monitor the company’s credit cards, and investigate through expense reports.

8. Rudeness and Disrespect

Toxic employees often yell at their coworkers and clients, causing significant damage to the company’s reputation. This behavior demotivates high-performing employees and often drives clients away.

To tackle such individuals, meet with them personally and try to understand the reasons behind the aggressive behavior. Keep track of their progress, and if they don’t heed your warnings, it’s better to let them go.

In conclusion, toxic employees can be a significant threat to the workplace’s smooth functioning. It’s essential to identify such individuals, monitor their activities, and react accordingly. By following the methods mentioned above, you can tackle toxic employees, create a positive work environment, and ensure that the team works productively towards the company’s growth.

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