17+ Stunning Black French Tip Nails You Will Love

Black french tip nails are a popular nail design for people who want to glamour up their nails with different color combinations at the same time. Because french tips are made with gel polish, you can use many colors without having to worry about streaks or smudging.

Black French Tips are created by applying a clear base coat onto each nail and rubbing it off making the base tip white. Then apply one coat of black paint or dark blue pigment in order for this well-known design to take place. Apply two opaque coats of your preferred gel polish color to each nail so that it will be easy to see when they have dried completely. Take a qtip and soak it in rubbing alcohol. Then rub the qtip across the nail until the glitter pigment that you applied to each nail comes off.

The black french tip polish with glitter is a very popular design during Halloween time since it is a classic design. It is also attractive to people who want a french tip style, but don’t want anything else other than black.

Black French Tips are great for any occasion because they can be done with many different colors at the same time. One way to get many different colors is to get inspiration from pictures of other peoples nails, which you can get from beautiful nails that have been painted using several different colors at once.

Short Black French Tip Nails

If you have short nails, hopefully these short black french tip nails will inspire your next manicure. In addition to being fast and easy, they are pretty, and will definitely make a statement.

Step 1: Paint your fingernail with a solid base color. A dark nail polish works best for these short black french tip nails, but a light color could still look nice depending on the finish you choose.

Step 2: Using a fine tipped brush or pen, create the traditional french tip outline along the top of your nail by drawing diagonal lines from one side of the tip to the other. The thicker your outline is, the more opaque it will appear.

Step 3: Using any of the color that is left on your brush or pen, paint one or two more diagonal lines on the inside of the french tip outline. Use only enough to cover the tip of your nail for this step, as it can be hard to control how much gets painted if you use more than necessary. Your short black french tip nails should look like image 5 at this point, assuming you used enough for it to show up.

Step 4: You can now either let this dry completely (recommended), or carefully smudge over the entire design with a thin tipped brush.

Step 5: Seal in your work and add shine by applying a top coat. After this dries, you will see the final product, smooth and professional looking short black french tip nails.

There you have it! These short black french tip nails are both stylish and trendy, trendy being important for those of us that pay attention to nails. They are also easy to do at home provided that you have the right tools, which is something you can determine for yourself. This is a great way to have nice nails when you are in a rush or do not have access to professional nail designs.

These are just some ideas for how to do quick and easy nail art with short nails, but there are endless possibilities available, including different styles of this basic design. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your own short nails! They do not need to be boring! If you would like to make them even shorter, simply paint all of them black french tip style! The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

A black French tip nail design with silver is a classic manicure that will never go out of style. If you want to try this classic manicure, all you need is your favorite shade of polish in black and silver or white and silver colors, nail buffer, moisturizer oil in moisturizing the cuticles in the nail area, cuticle pusher to push back nails when applicable with light strokes in order to better expose the surface of your nails for better coverage when applying polish by brushing back cuticles with near-translucent polish.

Brush on some nourishing oil around the edges of each nail before polishing it up by starting at one side edge. Apply a small amount of nail polish using your brush, then gently push the edge of the cuticle back with the cuticle pusher you have applied then gently apply a few strokes of clear polish at one end of each nail.

Apply more nail polish on one edge and gently push back each cuticle with the cuticle pusher and apply some more polish to this end. Do the same push back and apply method for all nails. Once this is done, you can apply the polish to the whole nail.

Apply some more oil around the cuticles and gently push each cuticle back with the cuticle pusher applying small strokes in order to better expose the surface of your nails for better coverage when applying polish. You may use white or silver gel color or semi-translucent nail polish for this purpose, but if you do that use only a very thin coat of it to avoid making your nails look white. You can then brush on your favorite top coat or several coats of clear polish to protect your nails from discoloration and to give them a glossy finish. Find more interesting ideas about short french tip nails.

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