Bailey Sarian Tattoos Inspiration

Bailey Sarian is an artist who creates beautiful mandalas using shimmering gems and a print-at-home technique that allows anyone to make stunning mosaics in minutes.

She currently has a Kickstarter campaign running where she is offering these mandalas as prints, stickers, and other art objects.

Sarian was born in the Philippines and moved to the USA when she was ten years old. She studied art at Montana State University and now works as a full-time artist and freelance illustrator.

She has sold her art in galleries all over the world, including at major American auction houses like Sotheby’s.

But most of her work is now based on digital technology. She frequently posts to social media with her own visual creations made using software like Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

In recent years, she has also created a number of YouTube videos. Some of these feature her own artwork, and some are designed to teach viewers new techniques.

My personal favorite is her video for creating a mandala using Adobe Illustrator. In this case, a mandala is a circle-based pattern with geometric designs around the edges and in the center.

These patterns are used in many traditions around the world and are often associated with religious rituals. Sarian will offer step-by-step instructions for creating a mandala of your own in the following interview.

Sarian has also created a large collection of stickers featuring similar artwork, which can be purchased on her website. These have been used by dance studios and other large organizations to decorate their walls.

Now Sarian is looking to use her artwork in other areas as well. She has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new project called the Dazzling Art Collection.

This collection will include four prints that anyone can use to make their own copy of the original artwork.

The Dazzling Art Collection is designed in the style of traditional art posters but with a modern and interactive twist. You produce your own copies by printing them out on standard 8.5 x 11″ paper using common office supplies and household objects like tape, glue, and scissors.

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