Are tattoos allowed in acting?

Maybe you have always wanted to be an actor and have taken the time to get a tattoo in the hopes of getting an acting job. Tattoos are very common in Hollywood, but they might not necessarily guarantee you an audition or part.

Some actors only add tattoos to their roles, while others choose not to touch up with makeup during filming.

Do actors have to cover tattoos?

It’s not uncommon to see actors with tattoos on their arms or hands despite the need to hide them when playing a part.

The question here is, does your actor have to cover his or her tattoo if they’re playing a character with an exposé, for example? If it’s just one scene where you can’t see the full arm, then it may be okay.

For instance, if your actor is filming a self-referential movie where they play themselves, then they can just leave the tattoo hidden throughout the film.

The problem with this is that it’s a movie and not real life. Once the film is over and you decide to release it to the public, then you have to take into account how your audience will react to the image of your actor with a visible tattoo, especially if they are playing a role where the character has a mark on their body.

Can extras have tattoos?

In the entertainment industry, the term ‘extras’ refers to people that are not cast in the movie or TV show itself but are hired as actors or performers.

Extras in film and television shot on-site in LA are most likely extras because they don’t have enough lead roles to warrant their own separate shooting schedule.

If a film or TV show is filmed at a different location without enough lead roles, extras will be employed as stand-ins for those actors who don’t need to be present during filming.

Extras are usually paid by the day and are contracted for a period of time. They get to know their assigned location, the habits of the lead actors, and other details that make their performance seem more realistic.

Since they likely have little dialogue, extras who have tattoos can legally wear long sleeves to cover them while working.

Background actors are also called stand-ins and body doubles. They do not have any lines in a movie or TV show, but they should be able to walk, talk and act like the lead actors.

They are often dressed similarly to the lead actors to provide a visual aid – they fill in so the camera can focus on the stars.

Background actors and extras are an important part of every film and TV show. They have as much right as anyone else to work in “Hollywood” and should be treated with respect.


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