“9 Surprising and Game-Changing Features of the iPhone You Need to Try”

Incredible Things You Can Do with Your Apple Device: Explore Its Full Potential

Apple devices, including smartphones, are renowned for their high quality, amazing features, and exciting applications that can keep you entertained all day long. Despite their popularity, many users only scratch the surface of what their devices can do, missing out on a variety of other features and functionalities. In this article, we will explore incredible things you can do with your smartphone from the reputable brand.

Read Emails Aloud

One incredible function of an Apple device is the ability to have emails read aloud to you. This feature is a great way to multitask and stay updated with your emails while you engage in other tasks. To activate this function, simply give the command to Siri, who will read your most recent emails to you. You can also ask for information on flights flying overhead and get a list of all flights at that given moment.

Undo by Simple Shake

Typing errors or picture editing mistakes can occur when you least expect them. However, making corrections has never been easier with your Apple device. A simple shake directs you to the undo action, enabling you to make corrections quickly and easily.

Recharge Faster by Switching Modes

Switching your device to airplane mode turns off battery-draining cellular and wireless access, making it possible for your device to recharge in half the time it would normally take. This feature is particularly useful when you are in a hurry and need to take your device fully charged but have limited time.

Use a Timer to Automatically Turn Off Music

Leaving the music playing for long periods can drain your battery. However, if you love falling asleep to your favorite tunes, you can set a timer to turn off the music after a given time frame. The timer app gives you several options when it runs out, including stopping the music playback, ensuring that you save your battery power.

Use Volume Buttons to Take Snaps

The touch capture button can be hard to use when taking photos, especially if you are wearing gloves. Fortunately, you can use the volume buttons as an alternative to the capture button for taking photos, ensuring you never miss a perfect shot again.

Use as a Level

Your Apple device can double up as a level, ensuring that you get things right and in straight angles. You can apply this feature when hanging wall decorations or pictures, for instance, by swiping left on the Compass app to get the perfect level.

Play Airplane Games

You can turn boring moments into exciting ones using your Apple device by playing airplane games. If you love flying, enjoy high flying and high-speed games in the glory of rockets, jets, and many others. These are games that can liberate you, leaving you feeling freer like a bird. The supersonic speeds will take you off the ground.

Get Light Flashes for Your Alerts

LED flashes are hard to miss when you are away from your phone or need to keep your phone in silent mode, such as during meetings. With the flash, you still get access to the alerts as soon as they are received without causing any ringing or vibrating disturbances. You can set this feature from your settings.


These are just a few of the many amazing features and functions that an Apple device offers. By exploring the full potential of your device, you open yourself up to a whole new world of possibilities. Take some time to explore your device and the exciting things you can do with it.

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