“9 Proven Strategies to Handle Negative People with Ease”

9 Tips to Deal with Negative People in Your Life

Do you have friends or colleagues who are negative? If yes, then you must know how draining it can be to spend time with them. Negative people have a way of twisting anything positive into something negative. No matter how hard you try to uplift their spirits, their negativity can be contagious and affect your own mood.

Many people experience negativity in their daily lives, and it can be challenging to handle these individuals. But fret not; we have compiled nine helpful tips that will help you deal with negative people in your life.

1. Don’t engage in an argument

One of the most crucial things you can do while dealing with negative individuals is to avoid engaging in an argument. Attempting to debate with a negative person is futile since they are unlikely to change their views. Instead, the discussion will likely become more negative, and you will be pulled down in the process. If you feel yourself being drawn into an argument, try to remain calm and offer constructive comments. However, if the individual refuses to back down, it’s best to disengage and move on.

2. Empathize with them

Have you ever been told to “relax” when you were upset? If yes, then you know it can be frustrating when someone dismisses your feelings. Negative people benefit more from someone who listens and acknowledges their emotions instead of offering solutions immediately. By empathizing with them, you will be able to understand their perspective better and offer constructive feedback.

3. Lend a helping hand

Sometimes people complain as a way of seeking help, but they may not realize it. A negative person might complain about their problems instead of directly asking for help. Offering to lend a helping hand by asking questions like “Is there anything I can do to help you?” can make a world of difference. By doing so, you acknowledge their distress and offer support.

4. Stick to light topics

Some people are triggered by certain topics that send them into a spiral of negativity. If you notice this happening with a negative person, try to avoid those topics and stick to lighter ones. Discussing light topics like movies or everyday occurrences can help cheer them up.

5. Ignore negative comments

One way to convince a negative person is to ignore negative comments. If they become too negative, you can give a simple “I see” or “Okay” reply. Conversely, when they show signs of positivity, reply with enthusiasm to encourage more positive behavior. By doing this often, they will soon realize that positivity pays off and adjust their behavior accordingly.

6. Praise them for positive things

Negative people tend to be negative towards themselves as well. Acknowledging and praising them for their positive attributes can help counteract their negative self-talk. Initially, they might reject the compliments, but deep down, they will feel positive about them. It’s the first seed of positivity you are planting in them, and it will blossom with time.

7. Hang out in groups

Negativity during one-on-one conversation can be overwhelming. The best way to ease the burden is by adding more people to the conversation. This way, you don’t have to bear the full brunt of the negativity, and you can focus more on steps 2 and 3, i.e., empathizing and helping the person.

8. Take responsibility for your reaction

It’s essential to realize that your perception of the situations around you depends on your lenses. If you view someone as negative all the time, that’s because of the lens you are wearing. Instead of focussing on the negativity, try to see the goodness in them. By doing this, you will uplift their spirits and yours.

9. Avoid them altogether without guilt

If all else fails, it’s okay to avoid negative people in your life. It’s unhealthy to spend time with people who drain you. If the negative person is someone you care about, you can explain the situation to them and try to work it out. But your time is precious, and you should spend it with people who have positive effects on you.


Dealing with negative people can be challenging, but taking the right approach can make a world of difference. Using the above tips can help improve your communication and people skills. You can also save yourself from getting drained from dealing with negative individuals. Remember that everyone has a bad day, and negative people need our empathy and compassion. Use these tips and face negativity with confidence.

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