“9 Proven Daily Habits of Women Who Embrace and Cherish Their Bodies”

Many women tend to criticize any imperfection on their bodies, worrying more about what others think of their looks than how they feel about themselves (inside and out). This can often lead to feeling worse and often deflated. However, women who love their bodies practice at least one of these suggestions below:

1. They are open.

Women who love their bodies do not feel the need to hide and instead, are open. They are confident in their skin, so they’ll find something that fits for the occasion and go for it. Instead of avoiding pool parties, social events, or random adventures, women who love their bodies say “yes!”

Giving yourself permission to be out with friends and family increases your happiness and confidence as well, getting you out of the cycle of avoiding future awesome activities. The next time you have the urge to say “no!” to a girl’s trip, remind yourself that your body wants to have fun, and in order to show it love you must go enjoy life!

2. They buy and wear clothes that fit.

Women often keep clothes that are too small thinking they’ll wear them again (and considering the rest of their clothes “fat” clothes until they do fit). This is truly setting yourself up to feel terrible about your body (instead of loving it up!) every time you open your closet.

One simple way to start loving your body more is to get rid of one or two of the clothing items that have not fit for a while. If you’re feeling up to it, go out and replace those clothes with something that fits you in the body you’re in right now.

By doing this, you’re instantly relieving yourself of the stress of “having to be a certain size” and helps you get rid of thoughts that keep you trapped in thinking your current body isn’t good enough.

3. They give other women genuine compliments.

Women who love their bodies give genuine compliments and aren’t expecting anything in return. They don’t compete with others and lift them up instead.

One way to work on this is to think about how you want to feel when people talk to you (Appreciated? Respected? Loved? Cared for?), and then try giving a compliment that will result in one of those feelings for the receiver. The amazing thing about practicing that is you will instantly feel as if you’ve received a compliment. It’s a reciprocal process.

4. They ask themselves how they want to feel.

Women who love their bodies naturally ask how certain things are going to make them feel. This helps them to honor their body by giving it what it needs, and showing it love and respect.

If you hear yourself saying the word “should,” try to ask yourself how you want to feel. This helps you to honor your body by giving it what it needs, and showing it love and respect.

5. They redirect body bashing.

Women who love their bodies listen to the comment, and then redirect it with a positive. They know it’s not necessary to continue that course of conversation because it only leads to people feeling worse about themselves.

During this moment, women will feel incredible. They’re setting a positive example, respecting their body, and letting their friends know where they stand on this topic. Even though it’s easy to join right in with others who are talking poorly about themselves, by getting rid of that negativity, your body will thank you.

6. They fuel their body with healthy food while allowing themselves to eat treats without guilt.

Women who honor their bodies know, and practice, the importance of moderation. They eat by listening to their bodies, enjoying healthy foods, and indulging so they never feel deprived.

If you are struggling with an extreme diet, become aware of how your relationship to food is currently and start incorporating some of the foods you love (instead of restricting them). When you give yourself more freedom around food, your body thanks you.

7. They express gratitude to their bodies.

Women who love their bodies continually express gratitude for what their bodies are capable of. They thank their bodies for helping them be active, hold their kids, work, and many other reasons.

Come up with one or two reasons you’re thankful for your body and repeat that in your head often. As always, if you show your body love; it will love you back.

8. They value sleep.

Women who love their bodies value sleep because of the benefits their bodies receive from it. They consistently make sleep a priority.

Take baby steps by going to bed 20 minutes earlier each day! When your body is well-rested, it can function at its highest potential. It becomes easier to make healthier decisions and get important tasks completed throughout the day while being able to be alert and loving with those around you.

9. They take a break from technology.

Women who love their bodies know the importance of taking a break from technology because it often leads to comparison. Instead, they take time off and focus on things that make them happy or fulfilled.

These are just a few things that women who love their bodies practice regularly. By implementing even just one of these things, you can start showing your body love and respect. Remember that everyone’s journey is different and unique, so it’s important to find what works for you and stick with it. With time, practice, and patience, you can grow to love your body and appreciate it for all it does for you.

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