“9 Incredible Transformations That Occur When You Embrace Your Authentic Self”

It’s Hard to Show People Who We Truly Are: Why Hiding Leads to Unhappiness and How to Change This

From a young age, we are often taught to protect ourselves from getting hurt. We build walls to protect our true selves and eventually end up living to fulfill the expectations of others. As a result, we stop taking care of ourselves and lose sight of our own lives. We interpret ourselves and our lives based on how others are interpreting themselves and their lives which can lead to competition on who can externalize the best version of themselves. However, when we start showing people who we truly are, amazing things start to happen.

1. Confidence in oneself

Showing your true self develops self-confidence like no other. You realize that you are the only one holding yourself back, and that your potential is limitless. You can ask for that deserved raise, ask someone out on a date, present an excellent and well-informed presentation, and communicate well with loved ones. Your radiating confidence will draw in new experiences and people who share the same level of confidence.

2. Surrounding oneself with the right people

By showing who you really are, you become choosy with the people you surround yourself with. You will recognize how some people can be great when you feel good but disappear when you feel down. You begin to evaluate if it is worth having these people around. Your circle of trust becomes filled with honest, open, and accepting people who share your beliefs and values.

3. Letting go of impressing others

You will define yourself based on what makes you feel good, not on what makes others feel good. You’ll realize there’s more to life than impressing people. You’ll come to accept and know that people will always have an opinion, but it won’t matter because your sense of self-worth will be solid. You will realize that you should know what you want, not what you ought to want.

4. Acceptance of oneself

Showing people who you genuinely are is accepting oneself, warts and all. You understand that you’re not a morning person, slow drivers frustrate you, you give honest advice, you’re excellent at your job, and accepting these things doesn’t mean arrogance. It means that you know what works for you, and you accept that no one is perfect. This acceptance goes hand-in-hand with seeing the perfection in others, which creates a safe space for people to be themselves without fear.

5. Development of inner strength

Through acceptance of oneself and showing who you genuinely are, you’ll develop an inner strength within that no one can take away. This inner strength will reflect in the life choices you’ll make, such as knowing you deserve a promotion, choosing a partner that reflects your beliefs, or even having some “me time” without feeling guilty about it. Saying “no” and setting clear boundaries take inner strength rarely utilized by some.

6. Personal and professional fulfillment

When you begin to show people who you genuinely are, personal and professional fulfillment becomes essential. You’ll begin to focus on what makes you happy and fulfilled, and you’ll discover new passions or reignite old ones. You’ll have the freedom, the confidence, and the know-how to fulfill your long-held dreams and ideas, leading to an understanding of yourself and your needs.

7. Happiness

When you show people who you genuinely are, you won’t pretend to be anything else, and you won’t hide away from the world. You’ll express your uniqueness and enjoy every second. With this happiness, inner peace comes hand in hand, which translates to every aspect of your life and the people around you.

8. Positive outlook on life

As you begin to express who you genuinely are, you’ll smile more, and your outlook on life will become more positive. This positivity will attract more positive people to you, and you’ll connect better with others. You’ll focus on positive attributes in others as well as your own, which will attract more happy and supportive people to your circle.

9. Taking back your power

Showing who you genuinely are and standing up for what you believe is about taking back your power. You should not be dictated by other people’s expectations, but instead listen to your soul’s calling. You’ll reach a place where you’ll, without a doubt, know that your life is yours to live, so, you might as well be true to yourself.

In conclusion, showing people who you genuinely are won’t result in rejection. Although it might take some time for other people to accept the new you, secretly, they are admiring your confidence. It might help to know that it isn’t about being brutally honest, but about being honest and compassionate in your expression of self. You have the power to show your real self to the world, but are you allowing people to see who you truly are, or are you still hiding? When you express yourself truly, amazing things happen. “You cannot fail at being yourself” – Wayne Dyer.

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