8 Real Struggles That Only People Easily Distracted Face

The Struggles Only Easily Distracted People Can Relate To

Distraction is a common problem that almost all of us face at one point or another. But for some people, being easily distracted is a daily struggle that affects their work, studies, and even personal life. However, recent studies have shown that being easily distracted is not always a negative quality. Creative geniuses often exhibit this trait, and their ability to multitask can sometimes lead to groundbreaking innovations. Nonetheless, for the rest of us who are simply trying to get through our daily life, being easily distracted can be a frustrating and tiring experience.

Here are some struggles that only people who are frequently distracted can relate to:

1. Re-reading the Same Sentence

This is one of the most common struggles of people who get easily distracted. They often find themselves unable to finish reading a sentence without losing focus, which forces them to read it over and over again. This can be frustrating and time-consuming, especially when they are trying to read important documents or emails.

2. Incapable of Studying and Listening to Music at the Same Time

Many students like to listen to music while studying to help them concentrate. But for people who get easily distracted, this is not an option. They find themselves getting lost in the music and losing focus on their studies. This can be frustrating when trying to prepare for a test or complete an assignment.

3. Unfinished Projects Everywhere

People who are easily distracted often have unfinished projects lying around the house. They might start working on something, but then get distracted by something else and leave the project unfinished. This can create clutter and be a constant reminder of their inability to focus on one thing.

4. Too Many Browser Tabs Open

One of the common issues that easily distracted people face is the inability to stay on track when working on a project. They might start with one tab open but quickly find themselves with several tabs open, including social media websites, blogs, and other distractions. This can slow them down and make it harder to complete their work on time.

5. Unanswered Text Messages

People who are easily distracted often get distracted by their phone when trying to text someone. They might start to write a message and then get sidetracked by something else. This can result in a phone full of unanswered text messages and angry friends wondering why they are not responding.

6. Distracted While Grocery Shopping

Going to the grocery store is a nightmare for many easily distracted people. They might go to the store with a clear list of what they need but quickly become distracted by the music playing or sale items. This can lead to them forgetting what they came to buy and leaving the store with a bunch of things they do not need.

7. Difficulty Telling Stories

People who are easily distracted might find it challenging to tell a story from start to finish without getting sidetracked. They might begin talking about one thing and then lose their train of thought and start talking about something else. This can be frustrating for both themselves and their listeners.

8. Unable to Watch Movies with Subtitles

Watching movies with subtitles can be a real challenge for people who get easily distracted. They might find themselves reading the subtitles instead of watching the movie and end up not knowing what is going on. They would instead prefer to watch movies in languages they understand.


Being easily distracted can be a challenge for anyone, but that does not mean it is all bad. Many creative geniuses and successful people have exhibited this trait, and their ability to multitask has often been a contributing factor to their success. However, for those of us who are not trying to revolutionize an industry, being easily distracted can be frustrating and lead to unfinished projects, missed deadlines, and angry friends. Nevertheless, knowing these struggles can help us understand ourselves better and find ways to alleviate the issue.

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