8 Compelling Reasons to Choose Livescribe for Your Digital Note-Taking Needs

8 Reasons Why Livescribe is the Best Tool for Taking Digital Notes

Note-taking has evolved tremendously in recent years, from using pen and paper to digital tools. However, many digital tools have their limitations, such as lack of integration, distraction, and difficulties in reviewing verbal communication. The Livescribe Smartpen system has taken note-taking to the next level. In this article, we will examine eight reasons why Livescribe is the best tool for taking digital notes.

1. Computers Distract

Laptops are often used in class or meetings for taking notes, but they can be distracting. It only takes a few seconds to get sucked into social media or other internet distractions. Unlike computers, writing with a pen is natural and keeps you focused on the task at hand.

2. Reviewing is Actually Useful

Reviewing handwritten notes can be difficult, especially if they don’t make any sense after being written. This is where the beauty of recording and writing with the Livescribe pen comes in. When you tap on a note, you can listen to what was going on at the exact time you wrote it. This makes reviewing notes easier and more useful.

3. Evernote Integration

If you are an Evernote premium member, you can easily sync your notes to Evernote through the Livescribe Desktop. This means that your notes can be accessed anywhere you are with Evernote, making it easier to stay organized and productive.

4. Livescribe Desktop on Mac, Windows, iOS

Livescribe is a cross-platform piece of software, making it easy to switch between Windows and Mac. The Pencast Player iOS app allows you to view all your online Pencasts with audio, ensuring that your notes are accessible from any device.

5. Search

Plain written notes are not searchable, which is a huge disadvantage. Livescribe Desktop allows you to search your notes and uses optical character recognition to find what you are looking for. With features like tagging and marking for next actions, it is easy to find and track important information.

6. Impress Your Colleagues and Friends!

One of the coolest things about Livescribe is showing it to someone else who takes a lot of notes, like managers or professors. As soon as they realize that you can record while writing and then export your notes to PDF or share them with someone else via the web, you can see the wheels in their head start to spin.

7. Lined Journals for Those Notebook-loving Types

If you are one of those notebook snobs who prefer lined journals, you are in luck. Livescribe offers “leather” bound journals that are high quality and durable, making them perfect for even the pickiest note-taker.

8. Sharing Notes

Sharing notes as “Pencasts” online is the single-greatest feature of Livescribe. You can choose what recorded session you want to upload from your Livescribe Desktop and then send the link to anyone you want to share your notes with. You can also control the access to your notes by making them private and inviting certain people, or by making them public for the world to see.


Livescribe has many benefits, including a distraction-free note-taking experience, cross-platform use, useful reviewing, easy note-sharing, and searchable notes. It is the perfect tool for anyone looking for a cross between taking notes by hand and having the digital power of search, sharing, and audio tied to notes. If you haven’t tried Livescribe yet, what are you waiting for? It is a game-changer for note-taking and has the potential to vastly improve your productivity and organization.

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