8 Commonly Overlooked Revision Errors That Are Sabotaging Your Writing

8 Revision Mistakes You Should Avoid: Tips for Effective Exam Preparation

Exams can be a stressful time for students, especially when they feel short of time for revision. Most students have been there, but making revision mistakes can only make things worse. In this article, we will discuss 8 revision mistakes that you should avoid to make your exam preparation more organized and effective.

1. Cramming for the Exam

Many students think that cramming for hours or days before the exam will help them perform better. However, studies show that cramming is a waste of time and energy. Long hours of study can exhaust the brain, and there is no guarantee that the information will stay in the long term, though it may in the short term. Instead, students should practice short revision periods, allowing material to move from short to long-term memory. This tactic will help make the final revision process easier.

2. Studying with Friends

While group studying can work for some students, it doesn’t fit everyone’s learning style. Every student is different, and the needs of individual students vary. Therefore, you may find it better to revise alone, though this isn’t always the case. The Open University suggests that you teach others in your group what you have learned, which can allow you to test your knowledge and master concepts, ideas or facts in a group setting.

3. Lack of Familiarity with Exam Tasks

Many students do not study exam questions carefully or the types of questions they might be asked. Knowing what type of questions you will face in the exam, whether it be open or essay type, multiple-choice questions or discussion topics, will help in the long run. Make sure to download past papers to become more familiar with the exam format. However, don’t rely on them solely; revision should still be expected.

4. Neglecting Breaks

Not taking breaks during the revision period is another common mistake that students make. Experts say that studying for about 40-45 minutes at a time, followed by a 10 minutes of break, is ideal. This allows the brain to relax after intense study for an extended period. Note that individual needs can differ depending on their learning styles.

5. Lack of Support

It’s essential to involve family members, friends or a supportive community in your revision routine. Communicating your need for support, letting them know when not to interrupt your study, and ensuring that you will have a well-balanced diet and exercise schedule are crucial to your efficiency.

6. Unchecked Revision Routines

Studying early in the morning is not for everyone, and everyone’s routines are different. As per the BBC Quiz, people can discover their circadian rhythms and the best times you can revise according to their natural sleep cycle. Revision Timetable Planners are also available online which should be taken to account if you are struggling with getting your revision time organized.

7. Ignoring Physical Exercise

Exercise is crucial for students. Many give it up while revising, though it helps to improve blood circulation and oxygenation, which leads to better brain function. Performing a quick yoga stretch, taking a walk, or even a short run can refresh your brain after long periods of study.

8. Neglect of Self-Testing

Simply reading your notes over and over again is not enough to ensure full comprehension of the material. Where Ed Cooke – British memory champion – suggests that students should test themselves at intervals of 10 minutes after the first revision, more tests an hour later, and after a day or two. By doing so, the material becomes stored in long term memory.

Avoiding these revision mistakes and adopting alternatives will significantly impact your exam performance for the better. Ensure you are revising sufficiently, using exam past papers, and utilizing your support networks to the best of their abilities. This way, you will save lots of time and revise more efficiently.

Let us know in the comments which revision techniques have worked best for you!

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