“7 Vital Tips for a Memorable Dubai Travel Experience”

Dubai Travel Tips: How to Navigate the City’s Culture and Customs

Dubai is a city that draws visitors from all over the world, but it’s important to know what to expect before you arrive. This is especially true when it comes to cultural norms and expectations. In this article, we’ll share some key tips to help you navigate Dubai’s unique customs and traditions.

How to Dress

Dubai is a predominantly Muslim country, so it’s important to dress modestly in public areas. This means covering your shoulders and ensuring that your clothing isn’t too revealing. While you won’t get in trouble for showing too much skin, it’s important to respect the local culture and show that you understand their customs.

Hotels are considered “international zones,” which means that you can dress for the beach or warm weather. But keep in mind that the lobby of the hotel is not the place to do so. A good tip for women is to bring a kaftan or cover-up for the hotel, and a pashmina for public areas.

Booking Restaurants

It’s not easy to be spontaneous in Dubai, especially when it comes to dining out. You’ll want to make a reservation before heading to a restaurant, especially if it’s a more upscale or popular establishment. Remember that restaurants are some of the hottest places to visit in Dubai, so it’s likely that reservations are made weeks in advance.


While none of the restaurants in Dubai have a license to serve alcohol, most of the hotels with restaurants do. Alcohol is permitted in these “international zones,” so you can enjoy a drink at one of the many restaurants or bars located within hotels.


Taxis are a great way to get around Dubai, especially since they are so affordable. You can easily find a taxi waiting for passengers, and the meter starts at just 5 dirhams ($1.36). Just be sure to make sure your driver starts the meter and knows exactly where you want to go.

The Call to Prayer

The Call to Prayer is heard throughout Dubai, and all of the mosques in the city are hooked up to a public speaker system. You’ll hear the call five times a day, so be aware of the timing if you’re out and about exploring the city.


Tipping is customary in Dubai, but it’s not expected or obligatory like it is in the United States. You should base your decision to tip on the quality of service you received, and don’t feel obligated to tip if it was poor.


Dubai has a thriving nightlife scene, with trendy bars and clubs located inside hotels all over the city. There’s no one “hotspot” for nightclubs, so be sure to do your research and know where you’re going.

In Conclusion

Dubai is a beautiful and unique city, but it’s important to understand and respect the local culture and customs. By following these tips, you’ll be able to navigate the city with ease and enjoy all that it has to offer.

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