“7 Types of Blogs: Which One Resonates with Your Writing Style?”

What Kind of Blog Are You Writing? Understanding Darren’s Three Categories

Blogging has become an essential tool for anyone who wants to share their thoughts, knowledge, and experiences with the world. With the increasing demand for blogs, it’s essential to understand the types of bloggers that exist in the blogosphere.

In a post by Darren at Problogger.net, he categorizes bloggers into three distinct types. These categories can help bloggers determine where they want to take their writing and how to achieve their blogging goals. Let’s explore Darren’s three categories.

1. Jumping Up and Down on the Same Spot

The first category of bloggers is those who stick with one blog and build it up over time. These bloggers focus on a single niche and develop their blog’s content, design, and audience over time. They establish themselves as an authority in their field and build a loyal following of readers.

This approach requires a lot of dedication and patience. Success doesn’t come overnight, and these bloggers must be willing to work hard to see results. However, this approach has its rewards, as readers often appreciate the depth of knowledge and expertise that comes from focusing on a single niche.

2. Jumping from One Random Thing to Another

The second category of bloggers is those who jump from one blog to another, pursuing a variety of niches or topics. These bloggers are often referred to as “serial starters” because they are always starting new blogs on different themes.

While this approach may seem exciting and allow for diversity in writing, it also comes with many challenges. Creating and maintaining multiple blogs requires a lot of time and attention. Additionally, these bloggers may struggle to establish themselves as an authority in any particular niche, making it challenging to build a loyal following.

3. Springboard Bloggers

The third category of bloggers is those who take a middle ground approach. They start several successful blogs, build them up to a certain point, and then move on. These bloggers are referred to as “springboard bloggers.”

This approach allows bloggers to test out different niches and themes and find what works best for them. They can experiment with different topics and find their niche without getting too stuck in one thing. Additionally, they can build momentum with each successful blog and use it as a launchpad for their next project.

Choosing Your Approach

Understanding these three approaches to blogging can help you determine what kind of blog you want to create and how you can achieve your goals. Are you looking to become an authority in a particular niche? Are you interested in exploring different topics and themes? Or do you want to build up several successful blogs and use them as a springboard for your next project?

As you begin your blogging journey, consider your preferences, strengths, and goals. Are you more comfortable focusing on one niche, or do you prefer a more diverse approach? Whatever your approach, remember that success in blogging takes time and perseverance. With dedication and hard work, you can achieve your goals and create a blog that resonates with readers.


Darren’s three categories provide a helpful framework for understanding the different approaches to blogging. Each approach has its benefits and challenges, and bloggers must decide what works best for them. Understanding your preferences, strengths, and goals can help you choose the direction that you want to take your blog.

Whether you’re jumping up and down on the same spot or exploring a variety of topics, remember that blogging success takes time and effort. Stay dedicated and keep writing, and you’ll create a blog that resonates with readers and achieves your goals.

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