7 Things People Regret Most on Their Deathbed

Living a Regret-Free Life: Understanding the Top Regrets of People Who are Dying and How You Can Avoid Them

As human beings, we all have one shot at life, and we want to make the most of it. However, at the end of life, many people pass away with regrets – things they wish they did or didn’t do. It is devastating to spend a lifetime doing things that bring us pain and sorrow. To avoid living a life full of regrets, it is essential to understand what the top regrets of people who are dying are, and how we can use them to live a more fulfilling life.

1. I wish I had lived my own life rather than how society taught me to live.

We live in a world that often tells us how we should live our lives. Society teaches us to follow a specific path – go to school, get a good job, buy a house, get married, have kids. However, while this path may work for some people, it is not the best way to live for everyone. Many people end up living a life they think they should live according to society, friends, or family and end up realizing that it was not the life they wanted to live.

To avoid this regret, it is important to look around yourself, figure out what makes you happy, and what you are passionate about. Live your life on your own terms. Do the things that come naturally to you and stop trying to please everyone else. As Shakespeare says, “To thine own self be true.”

2. I wish I discovered my purpose earlier.

One of the most significant regrets of people who are dying is not discovering their purpose earlier. The number of years you spend outside your purpose is the number of years you spend living someone else’s life. Some people never discover their purpose in life, while others do it late in the game. When you discover your purpose early, you will be able to channel all your energy towards that sole purpose. This will give you speed and help you achieve so much with little time.

3. I wish I had taken more risks.

Many people live life cautiously, carefully, and seek security. However, this kind of life can hinder us from achieving our destiny. The regret of not taking more risks is quite common amongst people who are dying. There is no great or successful person who did not, at one point in their life, make a leap of faith, take a big risk, and live a more fulfilled life because of it.

4. I wish I had taken better care of myself.

A common regret for those who are dying of an illness or ailment is that they wish they had taken better care of themselves. Often, we take our body for granted – eat what we shouldn’t be eating, don’t sleep as much as we should, don’t exercise as often, and work so hard we forget to take a vacation. Life should be lived with balance, and taking care of yourself so you can live a long, healthy, and happy life should be a top priority.

5. I wish I had allowed myself to love.

Life’s hardships can turn many people cynical to the world and relationships with other people. Some people avoid making friends or getting emotionally attached to avoid getting hurt. Petty arguments and grudges with loved ones build a wall that doesn’t allow us to forgive until it’s too late. Studies have shown that people who have close relationships with their families and friends are much happier with their lives. Surrounding yourself with love and allowing yourself to love creates fond memories that you’ll cherish until the end.

6. I wish I had touched more lives and inspired more people.

It is common for people who are dying to look back and wish they had touched more lives and left a good legacy behind. The value of a life can be measured by the number of people it touches. Helping others not only benefits the person you’re helping but also benefits you inside. There is a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in helping your fellow man that money can’t buy. Live your life intending to inspire and help others become better. In return, you’ll be better for it as well.

7. I wish I had been a better partner or parent.

Family is essential, and people who are dying often have regrets whenever they think about their families – mom, dad, siblings, spouses or children. They wish they had said nice words more often, expressed their feelings, spent more time, and gone to places with their family. Remind yourself to love and support your family. Spend more time with them and say, “I love you” regularly. At the end of your journey, you’ll rest easy knowing that your loved ones know you cared about them.


As we go through life, it is essential to have minimal regrets when we pass on. We must live a fulfilling life filled with purpose, love, and memorable experiences. By understanding the top regrets of people who are dying, we can learn valuable lessons that will help us live a more fulfilling life. Live your best life now, and create a life that you will not regret at the end.

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