7 Surprising Ways to Hack Your USB Cords and Streamline Your Life

Micro-hack: USB Cords

In today’s world, almost everything is powered by technology. Whether it is our phones, laptops, or tablets, all of them require charging through USB cords. We use them daily, and they have become an essential part of our lives. But sometimes, these cords can be frustrating and annoying to deal with. They are tangled, easily broken, and sometimes don’t fit the device we want to charge. This is where micro-hacks come in, and we are going to give you some tips to make your life easier with USB cords.

Untangling Cords

One of the most annoying things about USB cords is the constant tangling. It seems like no matter how neatly you pack them, they always end up a mess. A simple solution to this problem is using a hair straightener. It may seem odd, but it works. Take the cord and gently heat it up with a hair straightener. Once it cools down, it will be straight, and you won’t have to deal with any tangling.

Another way to avoid tangling is by using a binder clip. Clip the USB cord to the back of your laptop or computer, and when you need it, simply unclip it. This way, it is always tangle-free.

Fixing Broken Cords

USB cords tend to break easily, leaving you without a way to charge your devices. Instead of throwing them away, you can fix them quickly. All you need is some heat shrink tubing, a lighter or heat gun, and some electrical tape. Cut a piece of the tubing big enough to cover the broken section. Slide it onto one end of the cord and then heat it up with a lighter or heat gun. The tubing will shrink and adhere to the cord, fixing the break. Cover the repaired section with electrical tape and voila! You have a new cord.

Fitting the Cord to the Device

Have you ever tried to charge your phone with a USB cord that simply wouldn’t fit? It can be frustrating, especially if you have no other charger available. To avoid this, color-coding is a simple solution. Buy a pack of small stickers or dot labels in different colors. Assign each color to a specific device or family member, and put a sticker on their charger. This way, you’ll know which cord belongs to which device, and you’ll never have problems fitting it again.

Another solution is using a universal cable holder. These devices have multiple connectors, so you can connect many devices to one cord. They come in handy when you have multiple devices that need charging, and you don’t want to carry several cords.


USB cords are a necessary part of our lives, and with these micro-hacks, you can make your life simpler and more organized. Untangling cords is easy with a hair straightener or a binder clip. Fixing a broken cord is quick and straightforward with heat shrink tubing and electrical tape. Fitting cords to devices is a breeze with color-coding or a universal cable holder.

Next time you encounter problems with USB cords, don’t stress about it. Use one of these micro-hacks, and you’ll be up and running in no time.

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