“7 Surprising Ways Kickboxing Can Improve Your Life”

The Benefits of Kickboxing: From Flexibility to Full-Body Toning

– Story of purchasing Groupon for kickboxing at local karate club
– Nervous at first, but found it to be fun and beneficial

Increase Flexibility:
– Stretches for hips and shoulders during warm-up
– High kicks during workout increase range of motion in hips

HIIT Improves VO2 max:
– Kickboxing usually done in rounds
– High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout
– Train heart to be more efficient, improve fitness and VO2 max
– Practical benefits like not feeling winded going up stairs

Increase Muscular Endurance:
– Repetitive, quick-paced moves in kickboxing
– Trains muscles to work longer, building endurance

Relieves Stress and Improves Mental Health:
– Use of punches and kicks to release stress
– Encouraged to exhale and make sounds for increased intensity
– Feel better after class
– More reading material (link provided)

High Calorie Burn:
– Burn between 600-800 calories per hour
– Efficient exercise to achieve fitness goals in tight schedules

Improve Coordination and Muscular Balance:
– Well-designed class to ensure equal work on both sides
– Lagging side becomes better coordinated over time
– Creates balance in body
– Noticeable in other areas of life

Tone Whole Body:
– No muscle left untouched during class
– Calisthenics like squats, push-ups, and burpees mixed in
– Requires boxing gloves and hand straps

– Kickboxing provides a variety of benefits for physical and mental health
– Try a class for free at local gym or studio
– Feel like a badass with boxing gloves and hand straps
– Enjoy the benefits of increased flexibility, endurance, and full-body toning.

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