“7 Surprising Ways Dream:On App Helps You Create Your Dream World”

How to Control Your Dreams with the Dream:On App

Dreams are an integral part of our lives. We spend a third of our lives sleeping, and over a third of that time dreaming. Dreams are said to reflect the subconscious state of our minds. Although there have been many studies aimed at interpreting dreams, what if you could control them?

Richard Wiseman, a psychology professor from the University of Hertfordshire, conducted a two-year control study that claims it is entirely possible to control your dreams. Wiseman, along with app developer Yuza, created Dream:On, an iPhone app that monitors people while sleeping and plays a “soundscape” to help create the dream.

Dream:On is a free app that can be downloaded from iTunes. There are a variety of soundscapes available, ranging from the sound of the waves to chirping birds in a jungle. It is an innovative idea that brings a whole new level of control to your sleep and dreams. Here’s how the app works:

Understanding Dream:On

When you download Dream:On, the app will ask you to input certain details, such as your age, gender, and any factors that may affect your sleep. This information helps the app in creating an optimal experience for you. The next step is to select a soundscape that you want to listen to while sleeping.

The app monitors your movements while you sleep by using the iPhone’s microphone and accelerometer. Once the app determines that you are in your deepest stage of sleep, which is known as REM sleep, it plays the soundscape.

The soundscape that you listen to while sleeping plays a crucial role in determining the content of your dreams. The Dream:On app can help create different types of dreams, such as peaceful dreams, adventurous dreams, or even nightmares.

The Technology Behind Dream:On

The Dream:On app uses the iPhone’s built-in sensors to determine when to play the soundscape. The accelerometer is used to measure movement, and the microphone detects sounds such as snoring or sleep talking. When you enter into a state of REM sleep, the app starts playing the selected soundscape.

The soundscape that you choose to listen to plays an essential role in shaping your dreams. For instance, if you choose a sound of the ocean, the app will attempt to incorporate that sound into your dreams. Similarly, if you select the sound of a thunderstorm, the app will create a dream that includes lightning, thunder, and rain.

According to Wiseman, the app is designed to communicate with your brain on a subconscious level. The soundscape you listen to will help create different scenarios that your brain will interpret into your dreams.

Benefits of Dream:On

The Dream:On app offers several benefits to the user. Firstly, it provides an individual with greater control over their sleep and dreams. You can control the content of your dreams, and it may even help create a more restful sleep experience.

Secondly, the app is easy to use and can be downloaded for free from the App Store. The app doesn’t require any in-app purchases or additional hardware. All you need is an iPhone and a comfortable place to sleep.

Thirdly, the app is perfect for individuals who suffer from sleep disorders or nightmares. The app helps create a positive and restful sleep experience, providing a sense of calmness and relaxation.

Lastly, the app is perfect for those who want to explore their creativity. Dream:On allows you to experiment with different soundscape settings and create unique dreams that are entirely your own.


In conclusion, Dream:On is an innovative app that can change the way you sleep and dream. The app offers several benefits, including greater control over your dreams, a relaxing sleep experience, and the ability to experiment with different soundscapes.

The Dream:On app is free to download from the App Store and easy to use. Whether you suffer from sleep disorders or nightmares or want to explore your creativity, Dream:On is the perfect sleep aid for you. So, try it out tonight and see for yourself just how amazing this app can be.

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