7 Surprising Ways Awe Improves Your Health and Enhances Intimacy

Unlocking the Power of Awe: How It Can Lead to Happiness, Health, and Love

In a society that often discourages emotional vulnerability and encourages cynicism, those who dare to be in awe tend to experience more happiness, enjoyment, exhilaration, love, and beauty. By allowing themselves to feel instead of judging, dreading, or scrutinizing, these curious individuals often enjoy better health, relationships, and an open heart. Science has even found a correlation between the feeling of awe and better health, while also proving that positive emotions can alter one’s perception of the world.

Why Awe is a Positive Emotion

The feeling of awe produces positive emotions by making one feel like an entirely new person – happier, healthier, and even more loving. Good health and awe are based on positive emotion, which influences one’s entire being in immensely rewarding ways. The feeling of awe is associated with an outgoing character, which is a trait of positive individuals. By allowing oneself to be in awe of the beauty in the world and appreciating it, one can experience more happiness every day.

Science Proves the Benefits of Awe

A study completed at the University of Toronto found a correlation between the feeling of being in awe leading to better health and vice versa. The study measured the levels of the interleukin-6 molecule in its participants, which is known for causing inflammation while showing low levels when positive emotion is involved. Participants filled out questionnaires to prove that awe predicts the exact levels of interleukin-6 shown in the results. Moreover, research done at UC Berkeley showed that those who had experienced being in awe measured the lowest levels of cytokines – proteins crucial to the immune system due to their reaction to illness.

The Benefits of Awe in Relationships and Beyond

Being in awe benefits relationships by reigniting the love that once was there. If one could feel in awe of their partner, they would feel lucky to be with them. When in awe of your partner, you can’t get enough of them. Additionally, being in awe leads to greater generosity, compassion, and kindness to others. Feeling awe helps cure depression by redirecting attention from one’s complex thoughts to their growing curiosity about the wonders of the world.

In conclusion, allowing oneself to be in awe can lead to a more positive outlook on life, better health, and deeper relationships. It can even help cultivate greater generosity, compassion, and kindness to others. So the next time you witness something beautiful in the world, allow yourself to feel that awe – it could change your life and perspective in incredible ways.

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