“7 Surprising Reasons Why Less Sleep Equals More Productivity”

The Power of Sleeping Less: How It Can Make You More Productive

Time, they say, is the most essential commodity in becoming successful. For many successful executives, getting by with less sleep means more hours to work and perform. While this might seem like a difficult feat to follow, there are clear reasons why sleeping less can make you more productive.

Here are six reasons how sleeping less can make you more productive:

They Have More Time
Those who sleep less have extra time on their hands and are able to tackle challenges and solve problems that others may not have the chance to. History is filled with successful people who have a reputation for sleeping less and achieving so much within a lifetime, proving that the idea of sleeping less is not so much of a bad idea after all.

They Find Alternative Activities to Sleep
To be productive with less sleep means to find other enriching and interesting activities that keep you awake. You can juggle several tasks at once and do several things at once. Being productive with less sleep requires you to be efficient with your time and find creative ways of staying energized.

They Are Supercharged
People who sleep less show some interesting characteristics, according to The Wall Street Journal. They exhibit different moods (very upbeat) and metabolism (thinner than average, even though sleep deprivation usually raises the risk of obesity). Those who sleep less talk fast and are always on the upside of life.

They Are Aware
For those who sleep less, they are aware of why it is important to meet objectives and gain results. They have enough energy to demonstrate characteristics such as optimism, ambition, and self-awareness. Such awareness gives them the privilege to get more done and become more productive.

They Are Outgoing
Less sleep gives people the energy to go out and benefit from the social life around them. Thus, they are able to connect and meet more people, which drives them to become more successful. Connecting and networking are important elements in getting more done and becoming more successful.

They Are Passionately Driven
People who sleep less are known to be passionate about what they do. They invest their time and energy to get results and finish a project. They do not settle for mediocrity. While some might view the idea of not getting enough sleep as a flaw, those who sleep less see it as an opportunity and a privilege to accomplish the projects they love.

They Gravitate Towards Extreme Fields
While this quality may not be required in certain professions, in others like entrepreneurship, blogging, video game design, social media, and more, sleeping less is very helpful. Many people who sleep less are proactive and driven in professions that trigger their leadership qualities, enabling them to achieve more.

In conclusion, while sleep is beneficial for many, those who are privileged with the ability to sleep less have been known to work harder and climb faster to leadership positions in life. So, if you are one of those people who sleep less, embrace it as a gift that enhances your ability to achieve your goals and become more productive.

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