“7 Simple Techniques to Enhance Your Mental Performance on the Job”

The book Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? by Seth Godin has been a game-changer in the way people think about the work environment. Linchpins are people who lead, create, and connect while pouring their best selves into their work, turning each day into an art. They are essential in the workplace, and aspired to by those who wish to succeed.

Becoming a linchpin can be daunting, but implementing small, simple changes can go a long way to boosting your mind and productivity at work. Here are seven actionable items that, if practiced consistently, can help make you a power-house, productive, and passionate linchpin.

1. Prepare Your Mind Through Subconscious Programming

Treat your brain like a computer and your subconscious as software, and you as the programmer. You can program your brain by giving your subconscious behavioral suggestions. Positive subliminal programming, or subliminal suggestions, can be a great way to set achievable goals for yourself.

As you lay in bed with your eyes closed, suggest to yourself how the next day will unfold. Use positive affirmations and take ownership of the goals you set for yourself. This technique has been used by advertisers for years, and there is no reason why it cannot be used to help you become more productive at work.

2. Eat a Nutritious Breakfast and Healthy Meals Throughout the Day

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it plays a significant role in the productive lifestyle of a linchpin. By starting your day with nutritious food, you are boosting your metabolism, which converts food into energy. Eating a healthy breakfast puts you on the best path to make healthier decisions for the rest of the day.

Make sure you choose wholefoods like eggs, fruits, and vegetables over highly processed foods like pastries and bagels. Avoid ingredients like high-fructose corn syrup and grains that can spike your insulin levels, which can lead to a lack of energy. Choose organic vegetables, potatoes, and fruits as your carbohydrate energy source as they may induce higher amounts of serotonin.

Remember to keep yourself well-fed throughout the day to maintain ideal energy stores.

3. Create Your Gold Medal Plan of Attack

Olympians are linchpins to the 10th degree. When you walk into your office, write down your plan of attack. This is a list of the top three most pressing things you need to accomplish that day.

Writing down a set number of tasks helps you prioritize and stay focused. One of the things that differentiate successful people from the rest is their ability to regulate their day. As entrepreneur and motivational speaker, Jim Rohn, famously said, “Either you run the day or the day runs you.”

4. Periodically Stretch Throughout the Day

A sedentary body gets tired, bored, and lazy. Continuously wake your brain and body with simple stretches. Stretching increases blood flow, aiding the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the brain and body. Try some simple stretches at your desk.

5. Take a Midday Mental Break with Rest or Exercise

Become aware of your circadian rhythm and energy level, and use this knowledge to manage your day efficiently. Take a midday mental break with rest or physical exercise, depending on your energy level.

During the afternoon, when your energy levels are low, go for a walk, read, or take a nap. For some, the afternoon might be a high energy time and physical exercise is how they prefer to rest their minds. Either way, both rest and physical exercise will boost your mind and productivity at work, giving you the energy to finish your day strong.

6. Exercise Your Brain Daily

Just like physical exercise helps you keep your muscles strong, brain exercises will help you stay mentally sharp. There are many tools, like Lumosity, that help improve brain speed, flexibility, attention, memory, and problem-solving skills. Brain performance-enhancing exercises will assist you in keeping your mental aptitude sharp.

7. Meditate Daily

Meditation increases brain function and total well-being. Meditation helps you slow down and reconnect back to yourself, which is essential to becoming a linchpin in the workplace. It might seem daunting, but meditating is only being aware of your breath and what’s going on in your head.

Sit in a chair with good posture, place your hands on your lap with palms facing up, and close your eyes. Take deep breaths, and with each breath cycle, feel your heart rate slow down, your body relax, and your thoughts slow down, too. Think of the wonderful things that happened in your day and thank yourself for trying every day.

In conclusion, becoming a linchpin in the workplace is not something that is achieved overnight. It takes dedication, hard work, and an ability to think outside of the norm. But with these seven actionable items, you can boost your mind and productivity, and be on the way to becoming an indispensable linchpin.

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