“7 Shocking Scientific Studies That Prove Positivity Can Change Reality”

The Power of Positivity: How Changing Your Attitude Can Change Your Life


For a long time, the idea of being positive seemed like a na├»ve and pointless pursuit. I couldn’t understand why anyone would advocate for it since, in my mind, positivity wouldn’t help pay the bills, and it would only make me vulnerable and clueless. I was so accustomed to seeing the negative in every situation that I found it difficult to even consider being positive. However, hitting rock bottom made me realize that there was nowhere to go but up, and I decided to try and cultivate a more positive mindset.

Changing My Mindset

Changing my mindset was not easy; it took a lot of physical and mental effort. Whenever someone criticized me, instead of lashing back, I tried to keep an open mind and ask myself if there was something to learn from the comment. If there was, I worked on improving. If there wasn’t, I simply let it go. Also, when I lost one of my significant clients, I had to make a conscious decision to maintain my positivity. Instead of dwelling on the loss, I focused on my passion for personal finance and reconnected with loved ones and potential mentors. The most important thing I did was learn to say “thank you” to God, family, friends, and myself.

The Benefits of Positivity

Cultivating positivity and learning to be thankful are life-changers. It has significantly improved my life and turned it around 180 degrees. Some people may doubt the efficacy of positivity, but scientific research backs the power of positive thinking. In a famous experiment documented by Dr. Masaru Emoto, three beakers of rice were treated differently for a month. The first one received positive affirmation, the second was the recipient of negative comments, while the third was ignored. The rice in the first beaker fermented and gave off a pleasant aroma, the rice in the second beaker turned black, and the rice in the third beaker started to rot. This experiment is evidence that positivity and negativity affect the energy levels in people and objects.


In conclusion, changing my mindset to positivity has had a significant impact on my life. Positivity has helped me see life from a different perspective, and I am now more open to learning and trying new things. I believe that everyone can experience the same benefits if they decide to be positive and grateful. The power of positivity cannot be overemphasized, and I encourage everyone to embrace it.

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