“7 Proven Tips for Choosing the Perfect Rifle Scope”

Choosing the Right Rifle Scope: A Guide for Sport Shooting Enthusiasts

Sport shooting enthusiasts understand the importance of having a quality rifle scope in their cache. A rifle scope not only makes it easier for someone learning how to shoot, but it also increases visibility and accuracy when aiming at a target. However, selecting the right rifle scope can be a daunting task. In this article, we will discuss the factors to consider when choosing the correct rifle scope, including its purpose, body, lenses, magnification, reticles, and scope tube size, and how much to spend.

What Purpose is the Scope for?

The first factor to consider when choosing the right rifle scope is the purpose for which it will be used. For hunting, the Bushnell Hunting Rifle scopes are an excellent choice. They provide a wider view of the game and its surrounding, making it harder to miss your target. When competing, Leopold competition scopes made of lightweight materials are easier to carry around. For beginners or social rifle enthusiasts, it is advisable to read a beginners guide to rifle scopes before selecting one.

The Scope Body

The scope body, mostly made of aircraft grade aluminum, is another important factor to consider when choosing a rifle scope. A single-piece design of the scope body offers better optics and greater accuracy when shooting. The matte color of the scope is better than a shiny scope when using your gun for hunting purposes since shiny scopes reflect light from the sun or other sources, which may alert the animals you are seeking after.


Lenses on rifle scopes are important because they offer a high-level visibility at both low and high magnification. To get value for your money, choose futuristic rifle scopes such as the Swarovski scope that offers the best optical clarity. For affordable and good quality scopes, Nightforce and Zeiss are popular brands.


A variable-power scope offers the most flexibility regarding magnification, making it the most cost-effective option. For distances of 500 yards or less, a 10X magnification will be sufficient. Distances exceeding 500 yards will require a magnification greater than 10X, and the use of a tripod would be advisable. A 1X- 6X variable magnification scope is the most popular for use in sports shooting.


Scopes with MIL or MOA measurements and Flexible Duplex reticles are user-friendly options. They lead your eye to the center of the aiming point and, therefore, make it easier to focus on your target.

Scope Tube Size

The size of the scope tube determines the magnification range. A magnification of 12X can be achieved by a scope measuring about 40mm to 50mm in diameter. Magnifications of less than 10X are achieved by a scope diameter of about 30mm. Larger scope sizes allow in more light for better optical clarity.

How Much to Spend

Your budget is the most important factor in determining which scope you will purchase. When gauging a rifle scope expenditure, it is better to splurge on the scope because a poor quality scope would be useless, affecting your aim and shot.
In this domain, the expense often governs the quality of the product. However, you do not need to break the bank to find the right one; you just need a keen eye.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, choosing the right rifle scope requires careful consideration of the scope’s purpose, body, lenses, magnification, reticles, scope tube size, and budget. With a wide range of manufacturers and brands available, there is no need to break the bank to find the right one. By making an informed purchase and selecting the appropriate rifle scope for your needs, sport shooting enthusiasts can improve their accuracy and increase their chances of hitting the target with utmost precision.

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