“7 Proven Tactics for Overcoming Bankruptcy and Breaking Into Travel Photography”

Take the Stairs to Success: The Benefits of Following Your Dreams

“There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs.” – Zig Ziglar

These words have been spoken by many inspirational speakers, writers, and leaders. But what exactly do they mean? Simply put, they mean that success is not handed to us on a silver platter. We must work for it, step by step, until we reach our ultimate goal. This idea of taking the stairs to success is not a new one, but it is still incredibly relevant today. In fact, it is more important than ever to follow our dreams and live the lives we truly desire.

As the story of Ben proves, there are many people out there who are feeling trapped in an existence they are not content with. They may have followed the traditional path of settling down, taking out a mortgage, and raising a family, and yet, they may find themselves feeling unfulfilled and unhappy. Ben realized that he needed to take a deeper look at his life to work out if he was simply surviving, not actually living. Many others are in the same position, feeling stuck and uncertain about how to create the life they truly want.

The truth is, there is no one right way to live your life. Everyone has different dreams and aspirations, and it is up to each individual to determine what makes them happy. Whether it’s becoming an independent traveler or a successful entrepreneur, following your dreams is crucial. Here are some steps you can take to achieve your goals and create the life you truly desire:

Make the Decision

The first step is to make the decision to change your life and pursue your dreams. This can be the most difficult step, as it involves letting go of traditional ideas of success and embracing the unknown. But once you make the decision, you can start putting your plans into action.

Saving Money

If you want to travel, this will give you the financial freedom to do so and will allow you to start saving straight away. You won’t need credit for mortgages, loans or anything like that. You will be completely free and this can be such an amazing and freeing feeling.

Deciding on Your Job

There are far more options available now for those who want to work independently and travel. Whether it is photography or another line of work, it’s important to plan out what you are going to do. In photography, it’s important to focus on a niche.

Plan Your Route

Just as you want to focus on a niche make sure you choose an area you are particularly fond of – or intrigued by! You will need to decide on where you actually want to go first and what route you will take. The world is your oyster, so you have many options to choose from.

Finding Work

There is, of course, the aspect of finding freelance work when you get to your chosen destination. You may want to try some freelance websites prior to arriving and find out if there is any work you can do offline. Social media can also be a great way to let potential customers know where you are and what you can do for them.

Making the Break

Although this choice of lifestyle comes with its share of advantages, it can also be a difficult choice to make. You will not only need to get rid of all of your possessions, but also saying goodbye to your friends and family can be a very difficult part of it. No one said it would be easy, but if it makes you happy, then it is worth jumping over the difficult hurdles.

The world is changing, and more people are realizing that the traditional way of living may not be for them. There is no one right way to live your life, and it is up to each individual to determine what makes them happy. By taking the stairs to success, we can achieve our goals and create the lives we truly desire. So, take the leap and follow your dreams. Who knows where they may lead you?

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