7 Proven Strategies to Tap into Your Inborn Potential for Ultimate Success

There’s a common myth about success — that it is attainable by sheer hard work and perseverance. Hustle culture promotes this idea that success comes from dedicating countless hours of hard work to a particular task. But, what if this isn’t the only way to succeed? What if it is not even the most effective way to succeed?

Successful people do not necessarily possess extraordinary talent or skills in their field. They are not always the best. Surprisingly, many successful people even hire experts who are more skilled than they are in their respective fields. Successful people possess an innate ability to adapt to situations that work for them. They know what they are capable of and lean on it to succeed.

Finding your innate abilities

The key to success is not to be the best at everything. Instead, the key to success lies in knowing what your innate abilities are and embracing them. Every person possesses a unique skillset that they subconsciously lean on in moments of success. The real challenge lies in identifying what these abilities are.

Unfortunately, most people work against their innate abilities, either because they are not aware of them or because they have been conditioned to suppress them. People who were raised in an environment where they were told to tone it down or fit in are more likely to work against their innate abilities. They may also have been trained by schools that do not necessarily leverage or simulate their innate abilities. Choosing a job that does not exploit innate abilities may also be a factor that hinders success.

Choosing the right opportunities

The key to success lies in finding the most appropriate opportunities that highlight one’s innate abilities. However, identifying these innate abilities and sensitivities is not always easy. Some people are sensitive to connection, while others find excitement and thrill exhilarating. Sensitivities can range from feeling completely safe and vulnerable to seeking complete freedom and risk-taking.

Innate abilities often stem from what one is most sensitive to. Individuals who are more sensitive to an emotion or experience are more likely to hone specific skills that correspond with that feeling. For example, people sensitive to connection tend to make good networkers because they can connect with their audience on a deeper level. People who are naturally playful and enjoy taking risks make ideal entrepreneurs and risk takers.

What are sensitivities?

Sensitivities can be seen in babies soon after they are born. Every baby reacts differently to certain things. While some babies are more sensitive to connection and eye contact, others are more sensitive to feeling thrilled. No sensitivity is better than the other, and every individual has a unique set of sensitivities that can be honed and developed to succeed.

To identify innate abilities, individuals need to map their sensitivities. This mapping process does not require long leadership tests or surveys for friends and family. Instead, people can identify their sensitivities by focusing on situations where they felt the deepest emotions. In these moments, people will discover what they are sensitive to subconsciously.

Mapping sensitivities

A simple exercise can help individuals map their sensitivities. The exercise involves listing three jobs one has done in their lives and the things they made people feel in those jobs. For example, an individual who was a teacher and made students feel empowered, safe to learn, and engaged in the material is likely to be sensitive to connection and inspiring others to learn.

Next, individuals should think of the most challenging and happiest moments in their lives. They should write down the emotions they felt during those times. This exercise will help individuals identify repeated words or similar words, indicating patterns that reveal innate abilities.

Unlocking innate abilities

Once the sensitivities are mapped, individuals can use them to unlock their innate abilities. People can look back at their successful moments and try to identify if they exhibited those sensitivities in that moment. For instance, an individual who is sensitive to connection and playful may have used humor to connect with people in that successful moment.

Understanding innate abilities can give people their personal formula for success. Identifying and embracing what one is naturally gifted at can help one position themselves in opportunities that highlight their skills and create successful outcomes.


Success is not only achievable through hard work and perseverance; it is also attainable by embracing innate abilities. Although many people work against their innate abilities subconsciously, identifying their sensitivities is the first step to unlock the inner potential that leads to success. By identifying and honing what one is naturally inclined to do, individuals can leverage their innate abilities to choose suitable opportunities for positive results.

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