7 Proven Steps to Building Your Renegade Career: Jonathan Fields’ “Career Renegade” Review

Title: Career Renegade: Transforming Your Work Life into a Meaningful Career

Introduction (100 words):
Jonathan Fields is an extraordinary entrepreneur who transformed his career from being a corporate lawyer to becoming a successful yoga studio owner and marketing expert. In his book, “Career Renegade: How to Make a Great Living Doing What You Love,” Fields shares his journey and offers valuable insights on how individuals can take charge of their careers and turn their passions into profitable ventures. This article explores the concept of being a career renegade and highlights some of the key lessons from Fields’ book.

1. The Path of a Career Renegade (150 words):
Jonathan Fields’ career journey is a testament to the power of following one’s passions. After dealing with a severe illness that forced him to reevaluate his life, Fields decided to leave his legal career behind and pursue his true passion for yoga. He founded Sonic Yoga, a highly successful yoga studio, and also developed a line of instructional DVDs. However, Fields didn’t stop there; he ventured into marketing and copywriting, advising clients on how to effectively market their businesses.

2. Finding Your Passion (150 words):
The essence of being a career renegade lies in finding and pursuing one’s passion. Fields emphasizes that even if you have a job that others envy, without passion, it will eventually become unsatisfying. Many passions may not seem to offer viable career options, but Fields encourages readers to stop searching for conventional opportunities and start creating their own.

Fields cites the example of Liv Hansen, an artist who struggled to find a fulfilling career. She eventually discovered that her talent for decorating cupcakes could be her canvas, leading to tremendous success in the baking industry. Fields advises readers to think outside the box and explore unconventional paths that align with their passions.

3. Getting from Here to There (250 words):
In his book, Fields provides readers with detailed strategies to transform their passions into profitable careers. He categorizes opportunities for career renegades into seven areas:

a. Redeploying passion in a niche market: Fields uses Liv’s example to illustrate how an artist can find success in an untapped market.

b. Focusing on lucrative micro-markets: Fields advises targeting a small, wealthy audience who appreciates and is willing to pay a premium for unique products or services.

c. Exploiting an information gap: Fields suggests identifying what people need to know and providing that information to meet their demands.

d. Exploiting an education gap: Fields highlights the importance of skilled teachers in fulfilling the demand for knowledge.

e. Exploiting a merchandise gap: Fields encourages readers to invent or introduce products that cater to unmet needs or desires.

f. Exploiting a community gap: Fields emphasizes the need for authentic connections and building communities around shared interests or experiences.

g. Exploiting a service or product delivery gap: Fields encourages finding innovative ways to make products or services more accessible or compelling.

4. Someone to Lean On (150 words):
Fields acknowledges that embarking on a career as a renegade can be challenging, and it is essential to have support from loved ones. He dedicates a chapter to providing tips on convincing family and friends that taking a non-traditional path is not a crazy idea but rather a way to create a more fulfilling life. Fields emphasizes the need for reassurance and understanding from those around you to overcome any doubts or criticisms.

Additionally, Fields emphasizes the importance of finding mentors and advisors who can offer guidance and support throughout the journey of building a renegade career. He explores how social media and networking platforms can connect individuals with valuable resources and opportunities.

Conclusion (100 words):
Jonathan Fields’ book, “Career Renegade,” offers practical advice and a new mindset for individuals looking to transform their work lives into meaningful careers. By following his principles of identifying and pursuing passions, creating unconventional opportunities, and seeking support, readers can embark on a path of personal and professional fulfillment. Fields’ book is recommended for anyone looking to break free from traditional career paths and take control of their own destiny.

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