7 Convincing Reasons to Ditch Ready Meals for Good

7 Reasons You Should Stop Eating Ready Meals

Ready meals are a convenient and time-saving solution for busy people who cannot be bothered to cook. With just a few minutes in the oven or microwave, you can have a hot meal without the hassle of shopping, chopping, frying, and washing up. However, are ready meals really healthy? Here are 7 reasons why you should stop eating them and start preparing simple, nourishing food again.

1. They contain fake vitamins and minerals.

Ready meals are often fortified with cheap vitamins and minerals that are synthetic and hard to digest. While they may last a long time, they are not natural and may contain chemical compounds that were never meant to be eaten by humans. In contrast, home-cooked fresh food is always better and more nutritious.

2. The portions are rather small.

Despite the fact that ready meals are mass-produced, the portions are often small, which can leave you feeling hungry soon after. This can lead to snacking on unhealthy foods and create a vicious circle of unhealthy eating.

3. They contain too many vegetable oils.

Most ready meals contain a lot of vegetable oils such as canola, sunflower, corn, and cottonseed oil. While they are cheap and easy to use, vegetable oils are not healthy and can cause inflammation and heart disease. Moreover, many vegetable oils are processed using highly toxic solvents and industrial chemicals.

4. They contain too many chemicals.

Ready meals are loaded with preservatives, artificial flavors, sweeteners, emulsifiers, thickeners, and stabilizers that are hard to pronounce and digest. While these chemicals are safe in small amounts, they may have long-term effects on your health that are not yet fully understood.

5. They are packed with sugar.

Ready meals can contain a lot of sugar, especially in sweet and sour dishes. Too much sugar has been linked to obesity, cancer, and diabetes, and the World Health Organization recommends that adults limit their daily intake to 25 grams or less.

6. They contain too much salt.

Ready meals are often high in salt because the ingredients lose their flavor during processing and transportation. Too much salt can raise your blood pressure, cause heart disease, and lead to other health problems.

7. They are mass-produced, and every healthy ingredient is at risk.

Ready meals are made in enormous quantities that involve long distances, warehouses, and refrigeration. As a result, they may contain coloring agents, chemicals, and preservatives that are the only way to get the food on the supermarket shelf. In contrast, fresh food from local sources is more likely to be healthy and nutritious.

In conclusion, while ready meals are convenient, they are not the healthiest option for people who care about their well-being. Instead of relying on them, you should try to prepare simple, nourishing food at home that is tasty, affordable, and healthy. By doing so, you will not only improve your health but also enjoy the benefits of cooking and sharing meals with your family and friends.

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