7 Compelling Reasons People Envy You and How to Use Them to Your Advantage

Why You Are Awesome and Should Own it

It’s about time you stop being bashful and acknowledge the fact that you possess some pretty enviable qualities. Despite your flaws and mistakes, people wish they were you. You deserve the adoration you receive, and here’s why:

You’re Intelligent

Everyone has a unique intelligence, and you possess knowledge and talents that make you an expert in a specific area. Whether it’s solving complex chemical equations or repairing cars, your intelligence and expertise make you awesome.

You Have the Voice of an Angel

Maybe you don’t really have the voice of an angel, or you are incredibly out-of-tune, but who cares? When your favorite song is playing, you can’t help but sing along, and that makes you awesome. Your ability to let go and sing out loud is something others envy.

You Created a Human

Having the ability to procreate is amazing, and even if it’s not an option for you, it’s still a miraculous process. You recognize the wonder of conception and growth, and that makes you pretty awesome.

You’re Hilarious

Your ability to tell stories and make people laugh is a gift. You may not even realize how funny you are, but others do. People love to be around someone who can lighten the mood and make them laugh. So, own it!

You Dream Big

You have big goals and dreams, and you let others know about them with confidence. Whether it’s owning your own business, finishing your book, or buying your mom a new car, you have the work ethic and determination to make them happen. Not everyone is as ambitious and driven as you.

You Have a Supportive Family

Whether it’s a traditional family or a non-traditional one, those who share a connection can encourage and support each other. You may not be close to all of your family members, but you have a tight bond with your children, and that’s something many people long for.

The List Goes On

You have willpower, you know how to rock a pair of jeans, and you smell really good. You create delicious meals, you take power naps like a pro, and your smile is pure magic. You can draw more than stick figures, your bedtime stories are the best, and your hair blows in the wind. You don’t use the snooze button all the time, you understand the brilliance of Arrested Development, and you don’t sweat, you glisten.

You’re faithful to your partner, or you’re single and loving it. Your eyes are great, you can play an instrument (even if you haven’t played it in years), and you exercise patience. You’re at least one of these things: cute, hot, beautiful, or handsome – don’t argue; you are. You’re eating something delicious as you read this, and you don’t dance well, but you’re not afraid to bust out your go-to move in public. Lastly, you are capable of just about anything.

It’s time to stop focusing on your flaws and mistakes and recognize all the wonderful qualities and talents you possess. People wish they were you because you are awesome. So, own it! Celebrate your awesomeness, and inspire others to love and celebrate themselves.

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