7 Characteristics of a Right-Brain Dominant that Will Surprise You

Understanding Right Brain Dominance: Characteristics and How to Make Good Use of Them

Do you find yourself enjoying drawing more than writing? Do you have a hard time memorizing information and struggle to focus for long periods of time? If so, you may be right-brain dominant. While we commonly associate this trait with creativity, there are many other characteristics that are linked with right-brain dominance.

Here are seven right-brain characteristics and how you can make use of them to develop your own unique strengths.

1. You Prefer Drawing to Writing

If you are right-brain dominant, you may naturally lean towards creating visual illustrations to convey your ideas rather than writing lengthy explanations. Drawing helps to make your ideas easily digestible and interesting to others. More often than not, training yourself to use visuals can be a more effective method of communication.

2. You Prefer Open-Ended Questions to Multiple Choice

Multiple choice tests may be difficult for you if you are right-brain dominant, as you are more likely to thrive in an environment that promotes discussion and critical thinking. Encouraging verbal participation and exploratory dialogue can help you better understand difficult concepts and ideas.

3. You Tend to be Disorganized

Right-brain dominant individuals tend to have a hard time with organization, which can be frustrating when trying to complete tasks with multiple components. However, altering your workspace and workspace habits can help with this. Creating a designated area for all work-related tasks, utilizing digital software for time management, as well as breaking tasks into smaller, more manageable components can all help battle your tendencies of being disorganized.

4. You Have Difficulty Focusing for Long Periods of Time

Right-brain dominant individuals often require stimulation to keep them focused. When given busywork, their thoughts tend to wander. They tend to be more visually inclined, so presenting information in an eye-catching way can help them be more attentive. Using hands-on activities, demonstrations, or asking questions during a lecture can help right-brain individuals maintain their focus.

5. You Have Less Than Average Memorization Skills

Memorizing rote information is difficult for right-brain individuals. Instead of focusing on memorization, associate the information with something visual. Visual aids that use color, pictures, and symbolic images can help you quickly memorize new data.

6. You Are a Holistic Thinker

When it comes to problem-solving, people with right-brain dominance tend to be more focused on the big picture, rather than zooming in on the individual components. If you’re unsure of the connections between various components, practicing techniques that help you link ideas together can help in the long run.

7. You Can Be Spontaneous And Intuitive

Creative people tend to fall under the right-brained umbrella. They tend to be more feeling-based than logic-based, often following intuition to solve problems. Right-brain individuals tend to act on a whim and follow their instincts, which can lead to unexpected yet beneficial outcomes.

How to Make Good Use of Right Brain Characteristics?

Knowing your unique character traits helps you to find ways to make the most of your strengths. If you possess right-brain tendencies, careers that promote visual design, creativity, and innovative thinking may be more suitable for you. Additionally, learning how to develop your left-side skills can give you a better-rounded approach to problem-solving.

Final Thoughts

It is essential to remember that the labels “left” or “right-brain” are not a be-all and end-all matter. It’s essential to observe the characteristics you possess, but not to pigeon-hole yourself into only one side of the hemispheres. Instead, identify your strengths and weaknesses and learn how to work with them to expand your skillset.

More Tips About Boosting Brain Power

If you enjoyed learning about right-brain dominance, then you might be interested in other ways to boost your brain power. Some tips include taking time to relax, keeping your mind active, using the right type of lighting, avoiding distractions, focusing on positive thoughts, and seeking out new experiences. Also, don’t forget to take breaks and give yourself time to recharge so you can get back to being your most creative self.

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