“6 Surprising Technology Habits That Could Be Harming You (And How to Break Them)”

Technology Addiction – How Modern Technology is Taking Over Our Lives

In today’s fast-paced world, we can’t help but be surrounded by technology. From smartphones to smart homes, we are constantly bombarded with the latest gadgets and gizmos that are supposed to make our lives easier. While technology has indeed made our lives easier in many ways, it has also brought with it a new set of problems. The most significant threat of technology is addiction. Here are the top addictions you need to watch out for when it comes to technology.

1. Gambling addiction

With just a few swipes on your smartphone screen, you can access apps that allow you to gamble online. Even children can enjoy gambling games in the free apps section. This makes it harder for people to overcome and treat gambling addictions. Many people who become addicted to gambling do it from their computer/phone out of the convenience of their home. If that option was taken away from people, we would find a lot more people less addicted to gambling because they would have to leave their home in order to do it.

2. TV addiction

Many people suffer from terrible obesity and heart conditions simply because they spend all of their off-time in front of the TV. It’s hard to spot this type of addiction because people think they are only spending time in front of the TV because they are tired or intrigued by a certain show, but actually, they are slowly becoming addicted.

3. Gaming addiction

Gaming can also become a terrible addiction that doesn’t end with the finishing of a terrific game. If you feel like your children are starting to do this, set a time limit for them each day. By setting a time limit, you will be limiting the amount of time your child will spend in front of a video game and make them fill their time with other non-technology related activities.

4. Internet addiction

People who are addicted to the internet will browse popular sites for hours on end and constantly check their social media sites for new gossip or interesting facts. Browsing the internet becomes such an addiction, it can actually affect your work and your social life. Even on your phone, you are constantly online checking your social media, which can distract you from being productive or spending quality time with your friends and family.

5. Shopping addiction

With the availability of online shopping, it is far worse. With a shopping addiction, you are spending hours on end on the net seeking for pretty things to buy with money you don’t have, and then you end up never using the items you bought.

6. Phone addiction

Spending time on your phone is also an addiction. You become so used to constantly checking your phone that you end up searching for something to do on your phone even when you run out of things to check or do. Many people nowadays, even in a room full of people, will take to the internet on their phone instead of having actual conversations with the people around them.

What can you do?

Just because technology addictions aren’t as harmful to others as alcohol or drug addictions doesn’t mean they are less serious. If technology is getting in the way of life, then it’s time to treat your addiction seriously and seek professional help or you will end up living a life you never intended. A good tip to help overcome addiction is to try and stay offline and away from technology as much as possible. Go for walks, actually talk with people, and go out and enjoy yourself instead of staying at home surfing online all night.


Technology may be fantastic, but the addictions it has over us are real and harmful. We must acknowledge that technology addiction is a real problem in today’s society and take necessary steps to control its impact on our lives. It’s essential to be aware of these addictions and avoid them as much as possible. The key is to strike a balance between using technology and enjoying life outside of it. So, put down that phone, close the computer, and go out and enjoy life.

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