“6 Surprising Benefits of Not Taking Life Too Seriously”

Why it’s Important to Laugh at Life’s Absurdities

Life is often full of stress and frustrations that can leave us feeling overwhelmed and miserable. Slow internet connections, traffic jams, or deciding on the appropriate dress code for an event are just some of the many things that can make our blood boil. However, it’s important to remember that most of the challenges we face in our daily lives are only as stressful as we choose to make them. Here are six reasons why it’s essential not to take life too seriously and to laugh at the absurdities of everyday living.

1. The World is Ridiculous

Civilization is, objectively speaking, ridiculous. When we attend elementary school Christmas pageants or admire stunning scenery, we often witness scores of people experiencing the beauty of nature vicariously through their electronic devices instead of with their own eyes. But that’s not all that’s ridiculous; businessmen tying a piece of cloth around their necks every day with no apparent reason, or the row of pointless buttons that adorns every suit they wear, only add to the absurdity. Learning to laugh at everyday absurdities can help keep us grounded.

2. Relationships Are All That Matter

Many researchers have studied the key factors that contribute to people’s happiness. The results have been unequivocal: personal relationships make the most significant difference in our lives. We often emphasize our work over our leisure time, but if we hope to live happy lives, we must prioritize our relationships rather than our careers. When we look back on our lives, we will not remember the time we spent working, but we will fondly recall our family dinners, romantic dinners, great vacations, and our weddings.

3. Rich People Aren’t Happier People

Spending more time at home or with friends may negatively impact our bank accounts. But wealth is not always correlated with happiness. Studies have shown that after fulfilling our basic needs, money makes very little difference to our overall well-being. The only exceptions are when we use our extra funds to give to charity or when financial wealth significantly boosts our social rank.

4. Worrying isn’t Productive

Some people often get stressed out during situations where stress is unwarranted. For example, getting lost in a new city while searching for directions through the local transit system often frustrates some people. But this worrying is mostly counterproductive. There’s really nothing to achieve by stressing ourselves out, so taking a step back and laughing at ourselves can go a long way in helping us cope with stress. Going with the flow can be more rewarding, and getting lost in a new city can lead us to an exciting adventure.

5. Your Time is Limited

Worrying is unproductive, and money doesn’t necessarily make us happy. Therefore, why do we spend so much time on these things? We only have one life. Even if we live to be 90, we still have less than 800,000 hours to cherish the things that make up life between birth and death. One third of that time is spent asleep, so we need to make the most of our brief time on earth. We should make conscious efforts to live happy and fulfilled lives, regardless of what others say.

6. You Are A Speck

When we start to feel like our problems and issues are bigger than they appear, getting out of town and admiring the stars is an excellent way to adjust our perspective. The universe is vast and contains thousands of galaxies, solar systems, and civilizations that have their own challenges, even if different from ours. In this sense, we are insignificant. What better reason than to enjoy life as much as we can and help others do the same?


In conclusion, it’s always a good idea to take a step back and laugh at life’s absurdities. By looking at life through a humorous lens, we are not only de-stressing ourselves but also making our lives enjoyable, fulfilling, and enjoyable. Laughing at our challenges and finding humor in our everyday living can be beneficial in coping with our ever-changing world.

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