“5 Valuable Lessons Learned From Being an Emo Teenager”

Five Things Being a Former Emo Kid Taught Us: Lessons from Teenage Life

As we grow older, we might look back at our teenage years with a range of emotions. However, one thing that cannot be denied is that the time we spent as an emo or scene kid has undoubtedly shaped our lives in ways we couldn’t have imagined back then. Looking back on it now as adults, we can recognize the alternative emo trend we once followed like a religion was an invaluable experience that helped us learn some important lessons. Here are the top five things that being a former emo kid taught us, along with some tag headings to guide you through the article.

1. Things aren’t that bad… or are they?

Much of our emo life may have been spent feeling depressed, but maybe it was for a good reason. As adults, we often face challenges that make us feel overwhelmed — paying rent, bills, and working long hours, leaving little time for socializing. However, maybe it’s not all bad. Comparatively, our post-emo life is more productive, and we accomplish something every day. We have direction, which we lacked before. So, even if things still seem tough, we have a newfound appreciation for the struggles we face.

2. Halloween is the only acceptable day to dress emo

As each year passes, we count down the days to Halloween, excitedly anticipating the chance to dress the way we used to. Halloween is essentially Emo throwback day, the only acceptable day when we can dress emo or goth as an adult. Let’s make the most of it and go all out each year!

Use Halloween as a photo op to remind yourself of the good old emo days. Step aside, ‘selfies,’ and hark back to when taking pictures was all about the angles. Reminisce about the time when a sweeping fringe hid half of your face, and eyeliner made up the other half; this was once an everyday thing.

3. Band tees rock, and it is okay to wear Chuck Tailors Converse…

…just not to work. Studies have shown that professional dress codes have become increasingly relaxed over the years. However, we still personalize our clothing to be unique and express ourselves. We still look for ways to add that special something to our favorite outfit to stand out. Even though we might have to tone it down a little for work, keeping it casual for the weekend is an excellent way to show our individuality.

4. Read books

Years spent as a scene kid has made us open to change, all while reminding us that trends change over time. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ve changed our beliefs, interests, or favorite music. Reading the books we once loved taught us a lot. So swap those emo novels and books about self-exploration and feelings for some classic literature.

Reading improves our outlook on life and can even help with depression (see number 1). “We read to know that we are not alone” – as William Nicholson once said. Reading can help us connect with the world, feel less depressed or isolated, and feel better about life. Additionally, reading also helps gain knowledge, broadens vocabulary, and improves writing skills.

5. Music alters mood… sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

Emo music is typically melodramatic guitar-based rock music, sometimes aggressive and ‘shouty,’ other times acoustic and gentle. It often contains confessional or explicitly personal lyrics, usually about heartbreak or loneliness. It’s time to move on from these depressing sounds and explore new genres.

As former emo kids, we listened to mainstream rock music, which led us to discover a much broader range of music genres than other people. Time may change, but our interests shouldn’t. Going to gigs and enjoying music, moving around, and finding joy in it, is what being an emo kid is all about. So let’s keep that spirit alive!

In conclusion, being a former emo kid has taught us important lessons that we carry with ourselves with pride. These lessons have helped shape us into the strong, creative, expressive individuals we are today. So, as we look back, rather than cringe, let’s own our past and embrace the lessons we learned!

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