5 Surprising Ways Your Pet Reveals Your Personality

Why Pet Owners Make Better Lovers: Insights from Studies
The Social Behaviors of Cats and Dogs in the Wild
The Personality Traits of Dog and Cat Owners
More Compatibility with Dog Owners
Understanding the Lovable Quirks of Cats

A new trend in online dating is making waves – dating websites that cater to pet owners. It’s not a coincidence that this trend is gaining traction, as studies have shown that pet owners tend to possess attractive caregiving tendencies. A research conducted by anthropology professor Peter Gray of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas found that owning a pet is an indication of one’s caring nature.

While owning a pet cat or dog undeniably offers benefits to one’s health, the two pets evoke different perceptions in the minds of others based on their social behaviors in the wild. Dog owners, who comprise 47 percent of Americans, tend to be extraverted, more agreeable, and conscientious, according to a study from the University of Austin, Texas. Cat owners, who make up 37 percent of Americans, tend to be introverted and non-conformist, as per several studies, including one from Carroll University. The fact that cats require less socializing than dogs may explain this trait. In addition, Carroll University’s study suggested that cat owners tend to be more intelligent.

But while people may relate to pets differently, there’s a stronger indication of compatibility between pet owners and enthusiasts. The University of Nevada study revealed that more people would consider dating a dog person, and fewer people said they could be compatible with a cat person. In fact, more oftentimes, dogs have been the cause of attraction than cats. Surprisingly, 25 percent of men and 33 percent of women have been attracted to someone because of their pet.

To understand the implications of these studies, it’s worth looking at the social behaviors of cats and dogs in the wild. Wild cats, like lions and tigers, are known for their dominance, impulsiveness, and neuroticism. In fact, a study published in USA Today suggests that some cats may want to kill their owners, citing their behavioral similarities to wild lions. In contrast, wild dogs, like wolves and coyotes, are known for their pack behaviors, hunting during the day and being social animals.

The lovable quirks that cats display, such as playfulness and excitability, may also reflect on their owners. While cats may be considered erratic, their owners may exhibit a similar spontaneity and humor. Dog owners, on the other hand, tend to be more conscientious and outgoing, resembling the friendliness and energy of their pets.

These studies lend an interesting insight into pet owners, including their social tendencies and desired compatibility. It’s no wonder that pet-friendly dating websites are becoming more popular, as pets have the ability to bring together like-minded individuals. As pet ownership continues to rise, it’s likely that pet-based preferences will continue to influence people’s dating lives.

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