5 Surprising Ways Teamly Boosts Workplace Collaboration and Productivity

Teamly Ups Its Game with New Features and Improved User Experience

Teamly, the software-as-a-service designed to help with workplace collaboration, has recently undergone a major update that brings a new user interface, improved visibility and mobile optimization, Yammer integration, and the ability to share progress with others.

New User Interface

The new interface of Teamly provides users with a better view of their top priorities, tasks for later, and leftover items, all on one page. Users can also view their tasks based on separate time frames such as day, week, month, or quarter. The Overview feature allows users to plan their tasks efficiently, while the Classic view is still available for those who prefer it.


The news feed in Teamly makes it easier for users to see what their colleagues are working on, providing direct links to comment on an item. It also improves workflow and keeps the lines of communication open. Users can still access teams using the previous navigation method, but the news feed provides a quick glance to keep track of their colleagues’ tasks.

Mobile Optimization

Teamly’s mobile view is better than ever, providing an optimized view minus the unnecessary clutter for a better mobile experience. The mobile view loads faster and provides an efficient way of tracking one’s tasks even on the go, which is particularly useful for remote workers.

Yammer Integration

For those who use Yammer, Teamly now allows them to share their individual accomplishments with their colleagues on their company’s Yammer network. Users can click on the Yammer icon that appears once a task is completed, and then share the task with their colleagues. This feature improves collaboration and keeps everyone informed about everyone’s progress.

Share Your Progress Anytime

Teamly now allows users to create “report cards” that show what they’ve done, which they can then share with their colleagues on Yammer, by email, or even externally on social media. The “Create Report” button is located just above the priority list, making it easy to show off one’s progress to colleagues or supervisors.


Overall, Teamly’s new features and improved user experience make it a versatile and efficient tool for workplace collaboration. The new user interface, improved visibility, and mobile optimization make it easier to view tasks and collaborate effectively. The Yammer integration and ability to share progress with others make it an excellent platform for keeping everyone informed about colleagues’ activities and accomplishments. With these features, Teamly is sure to be a valuable tool for teams of all sizes, especially for those who work remotely.

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