5 Surprising Ways Social Software Bridges the Gap Between People

Why MySpace Still Matters: Building Connections in the Digital Age

In a world where social media platforms grow and evolve at lightning speed, MySpace still manages to cling on to its relevance. But why do people still bother with it? According to Chris Brogan, a veteran blogger and Community Developer for Network2, MySpace provides a unique opportunity to make connections with others, both online and offline. Through adding friends, building your space, and utilizing multimedia tools, MySpace allows users to establish relationships with people they might never have met otherwise.

But MySpace is just one of many social sharing sites that offer this kind of digital connection. Services like Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn all provide various ways for users to reach out and connect with others. And the benefits extend beyond simple social interaction. Properly used, these platforms can also boost one’s SEO, making it easier to be found by others searching for similar interests or services.

So, what are some tips for making the most of these social sharing sites? Brogan offers several suggestions, including:

1. Tidy Up Your Blog: Make sure your blog has clear contact information, a professional photo of yourself, and personal details that make you relatable to others.

2. Communicate Who You Are: Use multimedia tools to showcase your interests and hobbies, to help others see the human side of your online presence.

3. Use Twitter to be Ultra Current: Twitter is a great tool for staying up-to-date with others, sharing quick updates, and networking with others in real-time.

4. List Events using Eventful or Upcoming.org: These services make it easy to find and participate in events that align with your interests, while also providing a great way to connect with others.

5. Fill out your profiles: Don’t leave your profiles blank – use them as an opportunity to add more context and personality to your online presence.

6. Comment on blogs you like often: Engage with others by leaving comments on their blog posts, and make it clear you’re interested in their stories.

7. Don’t forget YouTube: Record video greetings or introductions to help others get a sense of who you are, and what you’re all about.

8. Try out the new stuff: Don’t be afraid to experiment with new social sharing platforms – you might find new ways to connect with others.

Ultimately, Brogan argues that building connections in the digital age should be a top priority for anyone seeking to “hack life” and improve their own circumstances. By establishing relationships with others, we can create opportunities for ourselves while also benefiting those around us.

In short, MySpace might not be as shiny and new as other social sharing sites, but it still offers a unique way to connect with others that shouldn’t be overlooked. By utilizing the tips above, users can make the most of their online presence and forge deep, meaningful connections that transcend the digital realm.

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