5 Surprising Ways Believing in Perfect Love Destroys Your Relationships

The Truth About Perfect Couples and Unrealistic Expectations in Relationships

In a perfect world, the perfect couple would exist. They would know everything about each other, read each other’s minds, and always agree on everything. However, this is just a fantasy. Expecting this level of perfection in a relationship is not only unrealistic but also harmful to the individuals involved.

The Downside of a Relationship Is Always Hidden

Many individuals have unrealistic expectations for what their relationships should be like. They base these expectations on what they see in movies, fairy tales, and social media. Romantic comedies and Disney films are representations of idealized love, where the couples get together with no challenges or disagreements.

Parents also set perceptions in their children’s minds about what makes a good partner. Ingrained cultural expectations of what a “boyfriend,” “girlfriend,” “husband,” or “wife” should be like can make it hard to break away from these unrealistic images.

Comparing relationships is also a common mistake. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are filled with filtered images of the perfect date nights, engagements, and vacation photos. However, people rarely post photos of their fights and loneliness. Comparing relationships like this is meaningless, and it’s vital to remember that everyone has different experiences.

People Make Unrealistic Expectations to Create the Perfect Love

Many individuals try to mold their partners into their ideal vision based on unrealistic expectations. They make demands that are not practical, and when their partners fail to meet these expectations, they demand more, thinking that it is “true love” that brings their dreams to reality.

One significant mistake men and women make is thinking that their partners can read their minds, meet their needs without saying anything, and find it disappointing when their partners can’t fulfill their expectations. Thinking that “love” can solve everything is also wrong. Couples fail to own up to their mistakes, thinking that they are not “meant to be together,” leading them to break up and move on to their next relationship, taking the same behaviors with them.

Make Your Relationship Down to Earth

A down-to-earth relationship may not be perfect, but it’s healthy. It’s crucial to recognize that all love stories are unique, and being realistic can make your love life happier. Here are some steps to make your relationship more practical:

List Out All Your Expectations

It’s crucial to write down all your expectations, starting each sentence with “I expect him/her to…” without justifying anything. This way, you will be honest with yourself.

Review Your List

Read through your list and cross out anything that you didn’t fulfill yourself. Pare down your list to reasonable and practical expectations.

Switch Positions and Re-evaluate

Think whether your partner can fulfill your expectations or not. Realize that you may be obsessive about something that may not be reasonable for them to do.

Spell Out Your Expectations

Explicitly state your expectations to your partner and talk about the challenges of meeting each other’s expectations. Compromise when refining those expectations to make both of you happy.

In Conclusion

The perfect couple is not real. Unrealistic expectations sabotage relationships, partners, and individuals. Everyone has unique experiences with their relationships, and being down-to-earth is crucial in building healthy relationships.

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