5 Surprising Uses for Marshmallows That You Haven’t Tried Yet

How to Make Delicious and Fun Marshmallow Shot Glasses: A Recipe and Tutorial

Looking for a sweet and easy-to-make treat that can add some fun to your winter evenings? Look no further than the marshmallow shot glass – a pillow-soft, gooey, and chewy creation that can be filled with your favourite liqueur or even chocolate milk. In this article, we provide a detailed recipe and tutorial for making your own delicious marshmallow shot glasses at home, as well as some tips and tricks for getting the perfect result every time.

– Large marshmallows
– Any flavour liqueur
– Two forks
– A plate
– An open fire, electric burner, or gas stove


1. Toast the Marshmallows.
Start by toasting your marshmallows over an open flame, a hot electric cooker, or a gas stove. Hold the marshmallow in place with a fork, and cook it until it turns a golden brown colour. Be careful not to burn it or let it catch fire – you want the marshmallow to be soft and chewy on the inside, but slightly crispy on the outside.

2. Shape the Marshmallow Shot Glass.
As the marshmallow cools down, it will start to cave inward and create a hole in the middle. Use your fingers or another fork to shape the inside of the marshmallow into a shot glass shape. Make sure the walls are thick enough to hold your liquid, but not too thick that it becomes difficult to drink from.

3. Fill the Glass with Your Favourite Liqueur.
Once your marshmallow shot glass is shaped and ready to go, you can fill it up with your favourite liqueur or even chocolate milk. Be creative and experiment with different flavours and combinations – some popular choices include Baileys, Kahlua, Frangelico, and Amaretto. Just make sure you drink your shot quickly, before the liquid melts the marshmallow or the glass falls apart.

Tips and Tricks:

– If you’re making marshmallow shot glasses for the first time, it’s a good idea to practice on a few marshmallows first. This will help you get a feel for the toasting process and the shaping process, so you can create the perfect shot glass every time.

– You can use a variety of different liqueurs or liquids to fill your shot glass, depending on your preferences and tastes. Just be mindful of the alcohol content – some liqueurs are stronger than others, and you don’t want to overdo it if you’re not used to drinking shots.

– If your marshmallow shot glass is too thin or fragile, it may start to break apart as you fill it with liquid. To avoid this, try using thicker marshmallows or shaping the glass more carefully.

– You can also experiment with different toppings or coatings for your marshmallow shot glasses, such as sprinkles, chocolate drizzle, or crushed cookies. This can add some extra flavour and texture to your shot glass, and make it even more fun and festive.


In conclusion, the marshmallow shot glass is a simple and tasty treat that can add some fun and excitement to your winter evenings. With just a few ingredients and some basic kitchen tools, you can create your own delicious and unique shot glasses that are sure to impress your guests or family members. So why not give it a try? Toast up some marshmallows, pour in some liqueur, and enjoy the sweet and gooey goodness of a homemade marshmallow shot glass.

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