“5 Surprising Habits of Optimistic People That Boost Success”

Optimism: The Path to Health, Happiness and Success

Optimists are people who think positively and have more encouragement and motivation to move forward and deal with their daily struggles. Research shows that optimists are healthier, happier and more successful than their negative counterparts. But, being an optimist is not an inborn trait; it is something that can be learned. In this article, we will discuss five things optimists do differently that you can apply to your life.

1. Focus on Happiness from Within

Optimists know that happiness comes from within. It is a conscious decision that you need to make, whether or not things are going the way you want them to. If you provide a condition to your happiness, like you’ll only be happy if you’re able to achieve something, then what happens if that condition isn’t met? Success isn’t a guaranteed factor. If you equate happiness with success, you may be happy, but this happiness stops the minute you start failing. Give yourself the power to be committed to being happy by adapting a grateful outlook in life.

2. Avoid Negative People and Refrain from Encountering Bad Vibes

Optimists are well aware that being negative and being positive are both contagious. So, for them to create an optimistic environment, they stay away from grouchy people who always complain. Instead, they nourish relationships with emotionally supportive and equally optimistic people. They know that life is too short to spend it with people who don’t really value them, so they choose to spend it with people who do realize their worth.

3. Respect Themselves and Their Time

In a way, optimistic people are like wild and brave souls–they are confident that they don’t need the approval of anyone else in order to live their lives. Positive people know that people will always judge them with whatever they do, so why bother pleasing people when it’s obvious that you can never please everyone every single time? Optimists even have the courage and the confidence to say no to things that don’t really matter to them. They’re not pressured into doing something that they don’t really like, and they’re free to pursue their passion accordingly.

4. Resourcefulness and Innovation

Successful entrepreneurs and optimists are both innovative and creative individuals. They know that they’re never going to have everything that they need, so they make do with what they have instead. Steve Jobs didn’t wallow in fear when he didn’t have enough money to fund his startup. He sold his only means of transportation, his VW Microbus, to finance it.

Walt Disney didn’t go into severe depression when he was told that Mickey Mouse is a “giant mouse on the screen that would terrify women”. He pushed through and look at how famous and well-loved Mickey is today. Donald Trump was bankrupt four times, but his resourcefulness and innovation gave him a $2.7 billion net worth today.

5. Understand that Life Is Not Fair – and That’s Okay

Most people feel grumpy, frustrated or disappointed because they expect life to be fair for everyone. Optimists are not like these people. They know that life is never going to be easy–it’s never fair and it’s never predictable. In fact, they expect life to be unfair and unpredictable most of the time! They accept the fact that their friends may be given more money, that some celebrities are given more fame, and that some of their loved ones are more successful in terms of romance. And you know what? They’re okay with that.


Optimism is not an inborn trait. It is something that can be learned by following the above five principles. You have the power to make the conscious decision to focus on happiness from within, avoid negative people and bad vibes, respect yourself and your time, be resourceful and innovative, and understand that life is not fair – and that’s okay. By following these principles, you’ll be on the path to health, happiness and success.

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