“5 Steps Women Must Take Today to Reclaim Their Glory and Reign Supreme”

Calling All Lionesses To Arise and Take Back Their Glory: How Women Can Break Free From Society’s Expectations

When one hears the term “lioness,” an image of power, strength, and fearlessness comes to mind. However, for many women, their image has been distorted by society’s pressure to conform to patriarchal expectations. Women are still seen as weak and inferior to men. They are subject to abuse and rejection in various forms, whether it be in the workplace or in their personal lives. But it’s time for women to reclaim their worth and embrace their inner lioness.

Distorted Image of Who We Are

Despite progress towards gender equality, women are still fighting an uphill battle. The gender wage gap, which is the difference in pay between men and women doing the same job, still exists, with women earning on average 79 cents for every dollar earned by men. This wage gap is higher in other countries like Japan, where women earn less than three-quarters of what men earn, and Mexico, where the gap is over 18%.

But it’s not just in the workplace where women face discrimination. Society’s expectations for women have become increasingly unrealistic, causing women to feel as though they must conform in order to be considered worthy. Women are pressured to look a certain way, own specific things, and behave and think in a particular manner to avoid rejection and labels. This flawed ideal picture of women, mostly dictated by men, is causing them to take desperate and, at times, dangerous measures to comply.

Where Has Our Sense of Equality Gone?

It’s sad to see the level to which women have sunk. Instead of uniting and fighting for a cause, women have started to criticize and tear each other down. They even spend time begging for men’s attention, sacrificing their true selves in the process. We have lost sight of the influential legacy of powerful women fighting for equality in generations past.

But the most alarming fact is that it’s today’s young people who are suffering the most from society’s distorted expectations. Our daughters, sisters, and nieces are looking at our ways of thinking and doing; they’re innocently repeating it. The level of unwanted teenage pregnancies, suicide, and emotional and physical abuse has become a reflection of our society’s toxic ways.

It Is In Our Hands, Now Arise

But it’s not all gloom and doom. Women can reclaim their inner strength and start arming themselves with the knowledge that they are indeed powerful and influential beyond measure. It’s high time to stop the criticizing and bickering and come together in unity to teach our children, girls, and boys alike, that they are exceptional and transformative individuals, each unique in their own way.

Women need to start breaking free from the bubble of comfort and start thinking about the future. They must recognize their responsibility to the coming generation of women and start working towards shining a light for future generations to follow.

Ladies, it’s time to remember our worth, to reclaim the roaring lionesses within us all. Women need to start living their lives with a purpose, demolishing darkness and breaking society’s unrealistic expectations. Every woman has a mission, and it’s time to embrace the challenge of carrying it out!


Women have been oppressed for too long in this world, often facing discrimination in the workplace and through unwarranted societal expectations. It’s up to every woman to reclaim their worth by standing up for themselves, embracing their inner lionesses, and showing their daughters and sons the empowering power of women. Their worth and strength as individuals are something to be treasured, and together they hold a formidable force that has the power to enact real change. It’s time for women to reflect on the empowering legacy of women from generations past and take ownership of their lives. It’s time to break free and show the world what they’re truly capable of accomplishing!