5 Simple Strategies for Controlling Your Emotions with Ease

How to Effectively Manage Your Emotions and Feel Better Now

Emotions are part of being human, and they can range from positive and uplifting to negative and overwhelming. Whether you find yourself feeling depressed, angry, overwhelmed, worried, envious, or guilty, there are ways you can manage these emotions and start feeling better right now. In this article, we will explore some effective techniques you can use to manage your emotions.

When You Are Depressed

Depression can be difficult to manage, but it is not impossible. The first step in dealing with depression is to realize that the situation you are going through is not all your fault. Externalizing the blame can help you get out of the depression phase and possibly move on to anger, which is a positive step. Make a list of the people and conditions that are to blame. This exercise can bring some relief and is a necessary step if you want to get out of the dark place you are in.

Being angry is one step higher than being depressed. Once you are angry, you can work on softening your feelings. Alternatively, you can try exercising. Did you know that exercising is as effective as Zoloft in curing depression? If you are struggling with motivation to exercise, try Exercise Bliss, a program that helps you become a consistent exerciser.

When You Are Angry

Anger is a powerful emotion that can quickly escalate out of control. The goal is to move from anger to frustration, which is still angry but not too angry. Realize that the other people who made you angry probably didn’t know any better. Also, the situation that caused your anger was not even really about you. Other people project their worldview onto you. Keep this in mind and be mindful of your reactions.

When You Are Worried About the Future

Worry means you are focusing too much on things you cannot control. You cannot control the weather or other people’s reactions, but you can control your actions. Spend time finding solutions instead of worrying. Focus on what you can control, and don’t devote your valuable resources to things you cannot control. If you need extra resources to help address worry, check out this beat-worry ninja video.

When You Are Overwhelmed

When we are overwhelmed, we need to simplify. Do less and aim for less. Clear your thinking and eliminate tasks from your to-do list. Ask yourself if you absolutely need to do each task today. When it comes to big decisions, like what to do professionally, having too many passions can make it challenging to choose. Check out this video, where bestselling author Ramit Sethi tackles how to manage passions.

When You Are Envious

Feeling envious can be challenging, but it is often a sign of a deep desire. Accept that feeling envious showcases the desire straight in your face. Focus on wishing the people you envy well. Finally, focus on yourself and planning how to achieve your desires.

When You Are Desperate

Feeling desperate highlights the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Instead of focusing on the gap, detach from the outcome and focus on what you have achieved. When you start focusing less on the gap between where you are and where you want to go, you will feel better immediately.

When You Are Guilty

Guilt often comes when we aren’t living up to our own “shoulds.” Identify what those “shoulds” are. Examine whether you should keep that “should” or toss it. You may need to tweak it. You are enough, no matter your flaws and shortcomings. Check out this resource for dealing with guilt effectively.

Managing your emotions is an ongoing process. Sometimes we need to take a break or seek help from a mental health professional. By using these techniques, you can learn to manage your emotions and start feeling better today.

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