5 Side-Splitting Videos About Navigating Political Irrationality

Russianal: The Irrationality of the US Presidential Election 2016

The 2016 US presidential election was one of the most divisive and contentious in American history. The candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, were polar opposites on many issues, and the campaign was rife with accusations of manipulation and lies. For Natasha, a Russian observer of the election, the irrationality of the election reminded her of her home country, where politics is often manipulated and corrupted. In a hilarious video, Natasha breaks down the irrationality of the US presidential election and shows how to deal with political manipulation.

Russianal: The Similarities between the US and Russian Elections

Natasha’s video highlights how the manipulation and lies in the US election were similar to the situation in Russia. In Russia, the government often uses propaganda and censorship to control the narrative and maintain power. Similarly, in the US, politicians often rely on the media to shape public opinion and manipulate voters. Natasha notes that both the US and Russian elections are flawed and tainted by corruption. However, she also emphasizes that despite these shortcomings, people still have the power to resist and fight against manipulation and lies.

Breaking Down the Irrationality in Politics

The video also breaks down the irrationality of politics, especially during election years. Natasha highlights how politicians often use emotional appeals and fear tactics to sway voters. She comments on how the media exacerbates the irrationality by sensationalizing news stories and presenting biased viewpoints. Natasha encourages viewers to take a step back and critically analyze the information they’re being presented with. She reminds us that sound judgment and rational thinking are essential to make informed decisions and avoid falling prey to political manipulation.

The Importance of Resistance in Politics

Another key message in the video is the importance of resistance in politics. Natasha emphasizes that people have the power to resist manipulation and fight for their rights. She reminds us of the many protests and demonstrations that took place during the election and encourages viewers to continue to speak out against political corruption. Natasha stresses that resistance can take many forms, from speaking out on social media to joining a political organization. She reminds us that even small acts of resistance can make a difference.

Political Humor and Coping with Irrationality

Despite the seriousness of the political situation, the video is also full of humor. Natasha uses satire and irony to poke fun at the absurdity of the US election. She demonstrates how humor can be a powerful tool to cope with the irrationality of politics. Humor can help us challenge authority and question the status quo. It can also provide a sense of comfort and connection for those who feel marginalized or powerless.


Natasha’s video provides a witty and insightful commentary on the irrationality of the US presidential election. Through her observations, she shows the similarities between the US and Russian elections and highlights the flaws and corruption in both systems. However, she also emphasizes the importance of resistance and critical thinking in politics. Her message is clear: we must resist political manipulation and fight for our rights. We can do this by breaking down the irrationality in politics, using humor to cope with political stress, and working together to create a better future for all.

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